REU Program 2004

Environmental Science & Engineering

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During the Summer of 2004,

eleven students came together,

from all over the country,

to conduct research, study sustainability and...

to take "An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit"!


Research Abstracts (click on the student's names)

Theresa Black Roadsides Provide Preferred Nesting Sites for Chelydra Serpentina
Brendan Corbin Photoelectric charging characteristics of ambient aerosols
Jackie Cormier Imprinting Polymers in Wastewater Treatment
Chase Gerbig Measuring PAH bioavailibility in a NAPL/water system using a whole-cell biosensor
Dawn Henning The Effects of Large Scale and Small Scale Turbulence on the Power Output of a Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
David Johnson The Effects of Burn Barrels on Dioxin Emissions in St. Lawrence County
Sheila Negron-Vazqeuz Measurement of Mercury Deposition To Lakes And Forests
Andrew Ogden Preparation of Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes
Nicole Reed Modeling Environmental Impacts of Road Salt in the Cascade Lakes with GIS Software
Duch Routt NAPL/bacterial adhesive interactions using Atomic Force Microscopy
Dave Zeleznock Toxicity of Thallium to Aquatic Organisms of the North American Great Lakes


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