Potsdam, N.Y.


When we first came to Clarkson University, we wondered if there was life in Potsdam. We were pleasantly surprised...


We spent our days in the labs...

The Grim Fortress--or, the Science Center


...and our nights in the dorms.

The Woodstock Apartments housed the 2003 REU Group.


In between, we looked locally for amusement.

We went to The Field's for good coffee, and Mike played at open mic night.   Tuesdays and Fridays we often headed over to the Canton Farmer's Market for great produce and conversations with the farmers about our research.   Much of our shopping was done at the Potsdam Food Co-op, where you could get organic, local, and yummy food for pretty good prices.


On hot summer evenings, exhausted from working in our labs, we sometimes packed up and headed to Colton or Parishville for swimming with students from other Clarkson programs.

Hanging out on the rocks
Preparing to jump



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