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Of course we didn't just sit around in our apartments all day long. We tried to fill our nights and weekends with as much fun stuff as possible. Here are some of the things we found to do.


The Canton Dairy Festival

One Saturday afternoon, we ventured south on Route 11 to scope out the Canton Dairy Festival. We watched a parade, checked out some animals, and ate our fill of cheese and ice cream, all in the honor of dairy products.

A great group shot along the street in Canton, only moments after the parade.


Checking out some of the local fauna to which we give our praise for all things dairy.


One of the spectacles in the parade.


The Brockville Celtic Festival

Another one of our trips found us crossing the border into Canada (some of us for the first time). We drove to Brockville for the annual Celtic Festival, where we browsed through various vendors' offerings and listened to live music.

Here come the bagpipes!.......................................Relaxing with some ice cream.



We took another trip into Canada as well, this time to visit the nation's capital, Ottawa. We scoped out the Parliament buildings, the Museum of Civilization, and some of the night life in the city.

Chillin' in Ottawa before exploring the city.


Crossing the bridge into Hull, Ottawa's sister city, on our way to the Museum of Civilization.


Madrid Bluegrass Festival

We strolled over to Madrid (no, not Spain) for its Bluegrass Festival where we appeared to be the youngest people there by about 35 years. We checked out some live music and then left.



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