Welcome to the homepage of Clarkson University's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Environmental Science and Engineering.  This page was created as a group project for the 2000 Summer Program.  We've included as much information as possible about the program, so have fun exploring and learning about our program! :)

Who are we?

The links of the participants' websites have been eliminated 2004 in order to conserve space on our webserver. Please visit more recent summer program descriptions to obtain an overview of the social activities..

Sarah Albers
University of Missouri- Rolla
Elizabeth Bair
University of Colorado- Boulder
Alison Bradley
University of Alabama
William Bennett
Lisa Dietrich
Clarkson University
Christine Fisher
Clarkson University
Katherine Gallagher
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Jeremiah Johnson
Clarkson University
Benjamin LaPierre
Clarkson University
Corey Lawrence
Clarkson University
Andrea Robben
University of Oklahoma
Jeremiah Shackleford
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Anja Vesanen
Oklahoma State University
Dianne Vogel
University of Virginia