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Student Mentor Project
Sarah Albers Susan Powers "Effects of Neat Ethanol Spills on LNAPL pools and Groundwater"
Elizabeth Bair Amy K. Zander "The Removal of Arsenite from Drinking Water through Coagulation, Flocculation and Microfiltration"
William Bennett Tom Holsen "Dry Deposition of Acidic Particles"
Allison Bradley Tom Young "Direct Photolysis of Complex Cyanides: A Study of the Effect of Ultraviolet Light on the Photodissociation of Hexacyanoferrate Complexes"
Lisa Dietrich George Gilchrist "Resistance of Drosophila subobscura to desiccation along a latitudinal cline"
Christine Fisher George Gilchrist "Determination of the Effects of Female Mate Choice on the Evolution of Drosophila subobscura"
Kathleen Gallagher Stefan Grimberg "Effects of nutrient conditions on the adhesion of Desulfuromonas chloroethinica by contact angle measurement"
Jeremiah Johnson Thomas L. Theis "Life Cycle Assesment"
Corey Lawrence Jim Thorpe "Comparative Analysis of Aquatic Experimental Techniques"
Andrea Robben Michael Borkovec "Aggregation of Amidine the presence of Polystyrene sulfonate"
Jeremiah Shackleford Stefan Grimberg Favorable Growth Factors for Savannah River Site TCE Bioremediation
Anja Vessanen Barry Lavine "Using A Genetic Algorithm to Confirm Jet Fuel Standards"
Dianne Vogel Thomas L. Theis "Using a groundwater treatment cost analysis model to optimize plant operations"