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REU'98 Project Information
Wettability Vs. Surface Charge for various NAPL-Mineral-Water Systems Jordan Furnans Dr. Susan E. Powers Civil & Environmental Engineering
Zeta Potential as an Indicator for Natural Organic Removal in Drinking Water Treatment Molly Lyon Dr. Amy K. Zander Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sea Ice Movement in the Okhotsk Sea John McLaughlin Dr. Hung Tao Shen Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pesticide, Peat Moss, and a Pesticide-Powered Bacterium Brinson Willis Dr. David Knaebel Biology
Contaminant Mobility in Sediment Clean Up Jay Zawacki Dr. Thomas C. Young Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ecology of Zooplankton in a Riverine Environment Trey Jackson Dr. James H. Thorp Biology
The Effect of Non-Ionic Surfactants on the Dissolution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Angela Link Dr. Stefan J. Grimberg Civil & Environmental Engineering
Determination of UNIFAC as a Modeling Tool to  Predict the Activity Coefficient for Multi-Component Systems Cristi Yerks Dr. Susan E. Powers Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chemical Remediation using Zero-Valent Metals Steve Beaupre Dr. BarryLavine Chemistry
Arsenic removal from drinking water by membrane filtration Kevin Desrosiers Dr. Amy K. Zander Civil & Environmental Engineering
Characterization of Environmental Contaminants Sorbed to Minerals - NMR and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Jason Keleher Dr. Yuzhuo Li Chemistry

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