REU Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Activities Summer '98

Retreat at Star Lake

Field Trip to ALCOA at Massena

Field Trip to Ottawa and Montreal

Other Road Trips

Star Lake Retreat

The following three pictures were taken our first weekend here on a retreat near Cranberry Lake.  It gave us both some organized time as well as personal time to meet one another and form bonds that would last for the remainder of the summer (and hopefully beyond).  The organized activities focused on the building of team skills.  One such activity involved creating a poster to define the REU Program.  Personal time included canoeing, kayaking, sailing, volleyball, and hiking.

Brinson's first attempt in a kayak

Day Trip to ALCOA at Massena, NY

Unfortunately we did not take any pictures on that trip.  We visited the environmental remediation effort of ALCOA at their aluminum site in Massena, NY.  Remediation projects we visited included a SARA approved landfill for PCB containing solid waste, a passive leaching process to remediate potlining waste containing cyanide and PAHs and a new installation of a stormwater collection system.

Ottawa and Montreal Trip

Ottawa and Montreal within driving distance which provide perfect places to just kick back and relax.  If you should find yourself in Montreal after dark a trip to the renowned Saint Catherine's Street is a must. Ottawa contains many large, pointy buildings such as the one to the left.  This one also happens to house the parliament.  Within it you too can learn about our foreign neighbor's systeme d' government.

Waiting for the guided tour to begin....

After exploring the streets of Ottawa and perusing the Picasso Exhibit the group took a moment for a photo.

Camping Alouette is located fifteen minutes outside of Montreal and
provides an economical place to camp while visiting the city.

Other Trips

Potsdam Beach

See Molly, Angie and their feet relaxing at a beach near Potsdam!

Here we are out on the town in celebration of the beginning
REU intern Jordan Furnans'(top of the pile) 21st year of life:
Day Hike to Azure Mountain with the Shen's
Weekend Trip to Burlington, Vt

Steve, Chrisi, Molly and Angie in Burlington, Vt.

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