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Residence Life

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Clarkson is a residential University. Implicit is the belief that the residential experience plays a vital role in the overall education and development of all students. Residence Life at Clarkson seeks to establish an enriching living-learning community that support the main mission of the University, especially in the areas of creating academic excellence, promoting diversity, and alumni engagement. The residential program for first-year students is designed to facilitate a healthy and positive transition to Clarkson. Residence Life strives to meet the varied needs of all residents while providing the opportunity to build a vibrant community and promoting a safe and secure environment. Each student is expected to exhibit behavior reflecting responsible citizenship, integrity and acceptance. The residential program provides opportunities for growth and development, including housing options that reflect increasing independence and maturity as students approach graduation.

Clarkson University aims to provide each and every student with the best housing experience. To do this, the Residence Life Office strives to provide information on all topics and meet the needs of the students.

If at any point there are ever any questions, please review our FAQ for general questions, the Housing Calendar for opening and closing information, or contact the Resident Advisor or Apartment Manager in your area. If you are truly stuck, feel free to contact the Residence Life Office.