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Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center (SSC) staff is interested in your academic future. We have designed our services to help you reach your academic goals. Whether you are a first-year student or a graduate student, whether you are struggling with classes or on the Dean's list, we have something for you. The Student Success Center serves as the home for First Year Student Advising/University Studies Program, Accommodative Services, Student Support Services and Tutoring. Our staff provides programs and services for students to aid in their development and success. The SSC provides one-stop-shopping for the tools you need to be successful at Clarkson.

The federally funded Student Support Service program provides services for 160 students who can qualify by meeting one or more of the federal criteria based on first generation college status, income or documented disability. Additionally, the Student Support Services office screens and refers non-qualifying students to Clarkson funded tutoring services and academic assistance.


What services are offered through Student Support Services?

The office provides support through workshops and individual meetings on a variety of areas including time management, study skills, test taking skills, small group tutoring, and cultural enrichment events.

How much do student support services cost?

There is no charge for our services.

Will your office contact my son/daughter to come in for help if I ask you to?

We prefer that students take the initiative to come in for help.


Where can I get more information about Student Support Services?

You can learn more about SSS by going to