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Fall Pre-Orientation Trips

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We are still working on planning pre-orientation trips for Fall 2016. Check back soon for an updated list of options. Below you will find last year's trips so you can get an idea of what to expect!

An Experience of a Lifetime

Rather than spending your last few days before Orientation at home, biting your nails, packing and repacking, we strongly recommend attending a Pre-Orientation Trip. On the Clarkson University Outing Club (CUOC) Pre-Orientation Trips, our trained student leaders will guide you through the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondack Park in northern New York for four days and three nights. We have backpacking and canoeing trips for every skill level and interest, and you are certain to make lifelong friends, learn about the Clarkson experience from upperclassmen, get a head start on the college experience, and even move into your residence hall room early! 

Students attending trips move into their rooms early on Monday, August 22nd and arrive back to campus on Friday, August 26th in time for Orientation. We even provide a special orientation for your parents and family members when you arrive on the 22nd so they do not need to make a separate trip to Clarkson. 

Each trip costs $190 which includes an on-campus dinner for you and two family members, a free t-shirt to commemorate your trip, all transportation and food costs during the trip, an on-campus barbecue exclusively for trip attendees, and extensive Wilderness First Responder training for your student trip leaders. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at

NOTE: Students who are a part of the Clarkson School or Honors Program are NOT eligible for these pre-orientations experiences due to their own Orientation trip taking place at the same time. 

Trip Options

Each trip is led by two experienced leaders, and there are eight people (including leaders) per trip. Those wishing to go on a canoe trip must be able to swim.  Hiking trips require a pair of well-fitting, broken-in hiking or work boots with good support, as all participants will be carrying large backpacks.  All trips will be a primitive camping experience.  No special equipment is necessary, but anyone wishing to bring his or her own gear is highly encouraged to do so.

Difficult Hiking: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs (35-50lbs) for 4-7 miles and day packs (10lbs) for 7-12 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 5-10 peaks.
Moderate Hiking: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 3-5 miles and day packs for 5-10 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 3-6 peaks. 
Easy Hiking: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 2-4 miles and day packs for 3-7 miles per day. Moderate Terrain. 1-4 peaks. 
Difficult Canoeing: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Canoeing 10-15 miles per day and carrying canoes 2-4 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs 2-4 miles.
Moderate Canoeing: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Canoeing 6-12 miles per day and carrying canoes .5-3 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs .5-3 miles.
Easy Canoeing: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Canoeing 2-7 miles per day and carrying canoes up to .5 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs for .5 miles.

Trip 1: Who's Keene on Climbing?
Leaders: Jake Brown, Miles Miller, Tom Twomey
Difficulty: Moderate Rock Climbing
Day 1: Set up camp and possibly climb at Jewels and Jems if time permits. 
Day 2: Spend day two of the trip at Beer Walls, a famous Adirondack climbing spot with routes of all difficulty levels. 
Day 3: Day three, we will climb in Cascade Pass.
Day 4: Pack up camp and head to Noonmark Diner for some famous pie. 
Description: Interested in rock climbing? Keene on adventuring? Join us on this trip and we'll help you learn the basics. We will be climbing at various crags in Keene Valley throughout the trip. It will be car camping, but we will be sleeping in tents. The three guides have training in first aid and lots of climbing experience. There will be a variety of routes for all skill levels. Some outdoor experience is preferred.

Trip 2: Saint Regis Exploration: Sounds Fishy to Me
Leaders: Will Callanan, Troy Bates
Difficulty: Easy Canoeing
Day 1: We will put our boats into Lower Saint Regis Lake, paddling from there, through Spitfire Lake and Upper Saint Regis Lake to Bear Pond. 
Day 2: Today, we make our way to Saint Regis Pond. This leg of the journey includes three short portages. 
Day 3: Explore the area surrounding the Campsite. Expect a lot of swimming today!
Day 4: Pack up camp in the morning. Paddle through a fish hatchery (really cool) to the pickup point on Route 30.
Description: Adventurers, we made it! Don't be a hoser. Come move in before your roommate and then spend three days canoeing St. Regis Lake. Will and Troy will lead an adventure for all ranges of skill level. You will spend 60% of the time canoeing and 100% of your time having fun. Expect better than mediocre cooking and some of the best card games. On this trip, you will paddle through the ONLY primitive canoe area in the Adirondacks. 

Trip 3:  Canoe Think of a Better Adventure?
Leaders: Nick Multari, Michael Coelho
Difficulty:Easy Canoeing
Day 1: Start with a short portage from the trailhead to the pond. Put canoes into Long Pond and paddle to the first campsite.
Day 2: Today is a day of leisure.We will paddle around Long Pond as well as any of the adjacent ponds. Expect paddling, swimming, and a lot of fun. 
Day 3: We'll start the day by paddling to the trailhead for Long Pond Mountain. Once at the trailhead, it will be a moderate hike up to the summit.
Day 4: After taking our time in the morning to tear down camp and pack up the boats, we will paddle back to the same spot that we were dropped off. 
Description: Come spend four days with Mike and Nick canoeing and hiking around Long Pond. We will be spending plenty of time relaxing and having fun as we just enjoy the majestic Adirondacks. If you wish to canoe around a beautiful area with some awesome people, then this is the trip you want to be on!

Trip 4: The Little, Green, Wooden, Square Fish
Leaders: Evan Tougas, Mark Zibinski
Difficulty: Moderate Canoeing
Day 1: Put in at Green Pond and have a soothing 2.2-mile paddle to the first campsite with a super short portage.
Day 2: Pack up camp, and paddle 3.7 miles to the next campsite in Little Square pond.
Day 3: Paddle a super relaxing 1.69 miles to our next campsite in Floodwood Pond.
Day 4:  Paddle the last 1.5 miles to the take out at St. Regis outfitters.
Description: Spend fours days hanging out with Mark and Evan as we paddle from Green Pond to Floodwood Pond, and have an awesome time doing it! It will be a chilled and relaxing way to start off your school year, with plenty of opportunities for swimming, and relaxing by a campfire. Not to mention camping on an awesome island!

Trip 5:  Freshman Seminar
Leaders: Kyle Stone, Dylan Gilgallon
Difficulty: Easy Canoeing
Day 1: Paddle from drop off point through the Upper Saranac Lake region arriving early to our Lean-to to set up camp and eat dinner. 
Day 2: Be prepared to carry the boats and gear a short distance today as we have to pass between Upper and Middle Saranac. Paddle north to the Northway Lean-to while exploring the Middle Saranac Lake Region. 
Day 3: Paddle to the Kiwassa Lean-to going past the boat launch on Route 3 and exploring the region further. Today we will pass through various locks located on Middle and Lower Saranac Lake.
Day 4: Paddle through another lock and end up at the public boat launch in downtown Saranac Lake. 
Description: Spend four days exploring the Saranac Lake chain with two pretty awesome tour guides. The food will be great, the company will be impeccable, and the memories will be endless. There is no better way to start off your college career. Who knows, maybe bacon and eggs will make an appearance for breakfast. And if that doesn't make up your mind, we don't know what will. 

Trip 6: Guys, Where Did Dan Go?
Leaders: Dan Jaremczuk, Cassie Wells
Difficulty: Easy Hiking
Day 1:  Starting at Upper Works, the southern entrance to the Adirondack High Peaks, we will hike approximately 3 miles to either Henderson or Walface Lean-to. 
Day 2: In the morning, we will make our way to Scott Clearing Lean-to for the night. If time allows, we will hike down to Wallface Pond for the scenery and some swimming. 
Day 3: Hike to Rocky Falls Lean-to, then hike to Rocky Falls where we will be swimming and things!
Day 4: We have a very short hike out in the morning. If time allows, we'll hike Mount Jo -- a very short hike with amazing veiws. 
Description: Dan and Cassie promise a beginner's trip with fun galore! Bouncing from lean-to to lean-to, this thru hike will pass through a remote area of the High Peaks. View some awesome rock features and maybe enjoy some swimming along the way. 

Trip 7: John's Brook Jaunt
Leaders: Patrick Conlon, Andrew Toman
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Hike in from the Garden, Camp at Goodwin Lean-to. If time permits, hike Big Slide
Day 2: While morale is high, we plan on summiting Haystack, then travelling over to Basin, and then scrambling up Saddleback. We’ll head down the Ore Bed trail and return to base camp.
Day 3: With sore legs from yesterday’s hike, we will take things slower today. After a relaxed morning, we will make our way down John’s Brook to Tenderfoot Pools: a natural waterslide connected to a beautiful swimming hole.
Day 4: We’ll pack up camp early in the morning and head back out the way we came in. Hiking down the same road we came in on, we will find our way to Noonmark Diner, home to the best pie on the face of the planet.
Description: Join Patrick and Andrew on this once in a lifetime adventure across the Great Range. Hike beautiful mountains during the day, enjoy hammocks, cards, and relaxing at camp during the evening, and sleep under the stars at night. This trip also includes a relaxing day at an undisclosed location at which there will be swimming, water sliding, and more adventure. Its location is only know by our fearless guide Andrew. And to top it off, as if this trip couldn’t get any more awesome, eat the best tasting pies in the world from the Noonmark Diner. On this trip we will hit four of the Adirondack 46ers, and have an awesome adventure before school starts. So don’t wait; act now, and join us on the adventure of a life time.

Trip 8: Hike the Face
Leaders: Austin Skoog, Adam Haskin
Difficulty: Easy Hiking
Day 1: From the drop off point, hike in approximately three miles to the Whiteface Landing Lean-to, conveniently located right on Lake Placid. 
Day 2: Hike six miles, at an easy pace, up to the summit of Whiteface.
Day 3: Hike six miles, again at an easy pace, to the summit of Mckenzie Mountain. 
Day 4: Pack up camp in the morning and then head back out the way we came in, where the bus will pick us up and bring us back to Clarkson. 
Description: Join Adam and Austin on the outdoors adventure of a lifetime. You may be able to "ski the face," but can you hike New York's 5th highest peak? This moderate leveled hike will include a 3 mile backpacking portion to Whiteface Landing, where swimming and beachfront fun in Lake Placid will fill the evening. On the second day, we will hike 3 miles up Whiteface, basking in the spectacular views of the Adirondack High Peaks. On the third day, we will hike 3 miles to McKenzie, or spend the day lounging by the lake. We will hike back out the final day and you're off to start freshman year with your newly found friends.

Trip 9: Choose Your Own Adventure!
Leaders: Adam Graham, Matt Dyer
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Start off at the ADK Loj with a short and sweet hike up Mt. Jo followed by a lunch time swim in Heart Lake (if sunshine allows). Then hike into Marcy Dam to set up camp for the night.
Day 2: Starting and ending at Marcy Dam, we will take the grand tour of central lakes and falls by hiking through Avalanche Pass, along Lake Colden, past Livingston Pond then up to Hanging Spear Falls and back the same way to camp. This scenic passage looks up to several of the Adirondack High Peaks and is a 10 mile hike with little change in elevation.
Day 3: Once again starting and ending in the Marcy Dam area, we will hike up the Marcy Brook trail until we reach Indian Falls where we will hike Phelps and/or Tabletop mountains (depending on how the group is feeling) and make our way back down to Marcy Dam.
Day 4: Depending on the weather and the feel of the group, we can wake up early and hike Mount Colden for the sunrise or we can choose to sleep in and hike out mid-morning to catch the bus at the ADK Loj.
Description: As stated in the trip name, this hiking trip is of the ‘choose your own adventure’ variety. Since we are camping in one of the central-most areas of the high peaks region, we can add on more mountains to hike, choose not to hike certain mountains, or elect to hike entirely different trails than were originally planned. The options are nearly limitless with all the sights to see and mountains to summit in the Lake Colden area. The trip itinerary is not set in stone by any means and we are more than willing to adjust how challenging or relaxed the trip is based on the way the group is feeling, the weather during the week, and available campsites. No matter where we hike or sleep; however, I can guarantee that it will be a fun trip and an experience that you will not soon forget.

Trip 10: The Beginning of the End
Leaders: David Desmond, Josh Valentine
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Hike to either Uphill or Feldspar lean to from upper works. If time or interest dictates hike Cliff and/or Redfield.
Day 2: Hike to Slant Rock or Bushnell Falls (depending on availability), route goes over Mt. Marcy with opportunities to climb Gray, Skylight, and Haystack. 
Day 3: Hike to Ore Bed Brook Lean to over Basin and Saddleback. Chill and go to bed early.
Day 4: Get up early and hike out through the garden and down to the noonmark diner for pie.
Description: Why sit at home listening to your mom ask if you have enough underwear with you when you can be on top of the Adirondacks with Dave and Josh. This trip will start your college career off right with awesome views, great food, and bad puns. We are planning on covering a lot of miles with heavy packs and gaining a lot of elevation. Being in good shape will be a necessity. Some hiking experience is also recommended although Dave and Josh can teach you all the skills you need to conquer the Adirondacks if you are in good shape.

Trip 11: The Great Range Rampage!
Leaders: Eric Mallery, Brian Chrzan
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Hike in from the Garden, Camp at Myers Lean-to. If interest dictates we will hike over Big Slide via the Brothers Trail, one of the most scenic paths in the Adirondacks.
Day 2: Hike up to the summit of Mt. Marcy and enjoy the spendor awarded by standing on the highest point in the state of New York.
Day 3: Hike the lower Great Range (Gothics, Armstrong, Upper and Lower Wolfjaw), a short but exciting climb.
Day 4: Hike out to the Noonmark Diner to eat the best pie in the world.
Description: Come spend four day exploring the wilderness with Eric and Brian! We’ll be spending three nights at a lean-to located along the scenic Johns Brook and four days hiking parts of the Great Range, one of the best ridge hikes in the park. Jumpstart your college experience by summiting six of the most beautiful high peaks in the Adirondacks. There will be amazing views, fun hikes, and loads of campsite stories!

Trip 12: The High Peaks Traverse
Leaders: Dan Allen, Kyle O'Grady
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Leave Upper Works trailhead, head into Indian pass. Hike with full packs past Cold Brook Pass trail. Set up camp for night at Scott Clearing. (approx. mileage: 6.5)
Day 2: Leave Scott Clearing Lean-to early, hike up and over Cold Brook pass, stopping halfway to tag Mt. Marshall. Continue down Cold Brook pass to Lake Colden, passing through Lake Colden to Uphill and Feldspar Lean-tos for the night. (approx. mileage: 8)
Day 3: Leave lean-to early, head to Four Corners, drop packs and tackle Gray and Skylight, gather packs and head up and over Mount Marcy, heading towards Marcy Dam past Indian Falls. Possibly picking up Tabletop/Phelps combo if group is up for it. Camp at Marcy Dam lean-to/campsite. (approx. mileage: 11)
Day 4: Leave Marcy Dam around 7AM headed to ADK Loj for pick-up. Following Van Hoevenberg Trail. (approx.. mileage: 2.2)
Description: Are you ready to hit the trails and start your Clarkson experience off on the right foot? Come and log some serious miles and hit some high peaks with us! This trip is not for the faint of heart, but we can ensure a healthy heart after! Enjoying some 5-star backcountry cooking and sleeping under the stars doesn’t get much better than this! Experience the tallest peak in the state, while making some new friends. Come hang with us! We look forward to seeing you this Fall!

Trip FAQs

Meet Your Trip Leaders

 Jake Brown   

Name: Jacob Brown
About me: Looking for a rockin' good time? Come on an adventure with me and I'll show you the ropes. Looking for love, I joined CUOC freshman year. Instead of love, however, I found adventures, lifelong memories, and friendship. After previously finding my passion for climbing through poledancing, I became heavily involved in rock climbing and ice climbing with the club. I worked as a climbing instructor at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in the summer of 2014 where I continued to learn more about climbing and safety. I have spent many weekends climbing in the Adirondacks as well as Rumney, Red River Gorge, and New River Gorge. Other hobbies and interests include guitar, running for fun, swimming, and competitive hammocking.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Miles Miller

Name: Miles Miller
About me: I've been climbing for about 10 years, almost half my life. I've climbed extensively indoors and outdoors. I've climbed all over in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Kentucky, New York, and New Mexico. I've been one of the climbing chairs in CUOC for the last two elections. During the summer of 2014 I worked at Boston Rock Gym in Woburn, Massachusetts where I was responsible for the safety of climbers aged 5 and up. I've got a ton of experience with getting new climbers feeling safe and comfortable of the wall.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Thomas Twomey

Name: Thomas Twomey
About me: Hi my name is Tom and I love to climb. Between the black flies of July and the frozen waterfalls of January, I've explored the faces of Central New York, the Adirondacks, Shawangunks, New Hampshire, and RRG Kentucky. I've also spent a couple summers leading mountain-biking, whitewater kayaking, rope course team building, and back-country camping trips. I hope you'll join me for an amazing opportunity to get out and explore the dacks!
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2017

Will Callanan

Name: Will Callanan
About me: I grew up in a hamlet outside Rochester New York. Being in Scouts took me on many outdoor adventures including spending 2 weeks in the New Mexican Back Country. In the winter I enjoy skiing which I have continued to do here at Clarkson. I have also begun white water kayaking. I am a Wilderness First Responder as well as an Eagle Scout so I have plenty of first aid knowledge.
Major: Computer and Electrical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Troy Bates

Name: Troy Bates
About me: Born in Tannersville, NY, I grew up in the heart of the Catskills, taking it for granted. I am a junior studying Computer Engineering. As a freshman I was adamant I did not enjoy the outdoors. However, with the offer to live in New Dorms, I joined the CABIN floor, an outing enthusiast sophomore floor. By joining CUOC, my entire school career was changed, I found some of the coolest people I have ever met and realized how amazing the world is around us. I am an avid skiing, recreational canoer, aspiring hiker, and climber. Joining CUOC has been one of the best decisions I have made at Clarkson and I want to share this opportunity with you. See you at Clarkson!
Major: Computer Engineering
Class year: 2017

Kyle Stone

Name: Nick Multari
About me: At some point in my life I discovered that hiking and running are pretty much all I want to do. Well plus a few other things too. I am an environmental engineering senior and have been in and out of the woods for years. I hiked a little more than 20 high peaks last summer and hope to finish them up this year. I do triathlons, kind of, and I really like growing lettuce in the Clarkson greenhouse. This trip is going to be rather mellow I think so don’t expect any yelling.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2015

Michael Coelho

Name: Michael Coelho
About me: I grew up in Western MA hiking the trails throughout the Berkshire Hills. I have been involved in Scouting and Venture Crew for years, where I have learned to love the outdoors. I have had National Outdoor Leadership School training as well as I am CPR Certified. I enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, biking, stargazing, and I even sometimes like to think I know how to ski. Join my trip for a great time canoeing and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Adirondacks from our canoes!
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Evan Tougas

Name:Evan Tougas
About me:I like skis and trees and cheese and stuff. Professional amateur.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year:2016

Mark Zibinski

Name: Mark Zibinski
About me: Hey There! My name is Mark, and I love participating in sports that involve the outdoors. So pretty much, I love to ski, hike, climb rocks and ice, and canoe. I mean I am the hottest canoe chair that club has! I am also an Eagle Scout, and I am SCUBA certified, and I am hoping that i am not going to need that on our AWESOME canoe trip!!!
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2018

Nick Multari

Name: Kyle Stone
About me: Howdy guys and gals, my name’s Kyle and I am a junior Environmental Engineering student here at Clarkson. I am from Bristol NY and I love spending just about every second of my free time outside. I hike, I ski, I canoe, I hunt, I fish, I eat trail mix and sunflower seeds, I solve large mathematical equations, I’m lactose intolerant, I’ve been known to be pretty adequate at some things from time to time. As for important qualifications, I am a Wilderness First Responder and I am currently the Outing Club Canoe Chair.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2017

Dylan Gilgallon

Name: Dylan Gilgallon
About me: I am a zealot of the outdoors. I like hiking, canoeing, fishing and extreme hammocking. Sometimes I even pretend that I know how to climb rocks. Above all else, I love getting down and dirty with some single track and floating down the mountains in that big East Coast pow. In other words, I am a professionally amatuer doer of all things nature.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Danylo Jaremczuk

Name: Danylo Jaremczuk
About me: Whats up y’all… That’s right! I’m from Manhattan and I just said y’all… Nothing much you say??? Well that’s all about to change because PREO Trips are right around the corner. Some people call me Dan, others Danylo, others Danyloupe the Cantaloupe!!! But mainly, people just stick with Dan the Man. Why you might ask? Boy do you have a lot of questions today! Well you’re just going to have to find out the hard way ladies and gentlemen, because we’re going on a road trip. So pack your bags, bring yourselves, and meet me somewhere eventually! (Oh yea my bio: rock/ice climb, park/backcountry ski, kayak/canoe, bike, and hiking… I guess ;) )
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Cassie Wells

Name: Cassie Wells Lumbrazo
About me: Hi, I'm Cassie I'm a sophomore Environmental Engineering and General Mathematics Major from Orange County, NY I'm really loud and I enjoy all sports, especially ones you can do outside. I spend most of my time hiking around the Minnewaska park reserve, though the Adirondack's have become my new home. I love doing math homework and eating lunch with my horse in her stall. Currently, I am single handedly trying to destroy the stigma of running from place to place. I'm super stoked about my trip, with mother nature's guidance I know it will be a good time.
Major: Envirnomental Engineering
Class year:2018

Patrick Conlon

Name:Patrick Conlon
About me: My name is Patrick and the outdoors will probably be my only true love in life. I'm a junior Mechanical Engineer who is fully invested in the outing club. I'm an avid hiker, and back country skier but I will pretty much do any activity outside for a good time. Some would say I love to solve big and ugly equations, but that's just a small hobby. My favorite skiing feature is a quarter pipe and my other love in life is hockey. I'm looking forward to having an awesome time before the school year starts!
Major: Mechanical Engineer
Class year: 2017

Andrew Toman

Name: Andrew Toman
About me: Howdy, I’m Andrew. Things to know about me: Junior, Environmental Engineer, CUOC Vice President, best friend extraordinaire, outdoor enthusiast, hardcore hiker, gnarly skier, energetic bundle of joy, and I cried watching The Notebook. I like going outside to do hiking: it’s pretty much my favorite activity besides my true passion: dolphin training.
Major: Environmental Engineer
Class year: 2017

Austin Skoog

Name: Austin Skoog
About me: I am from the exotic Libertyville, Illinois. With a passion for the outdoors only outshone by the brightest stars of the galaxy I am excited to lead a trip through the beautiful Adirondack wilderness. I am and Eagle Scout and have backpacked in New Mexico, Arkansas, Georgia, and of course New York. I had a lot of fun on my pre-orientation trip and I hope you do too.
Major: Physics
Class year: 2017

Adam Haskin

Name: Adam Haskin
About me: Hey Ya'll, I live in Huntsville Alabama, but grew adventuring across all corners of the Adrondacks. I love to hike, hunt, ski, rock climb, canoe, and anything else that CUOC does. I've accomplished 25 of New Yorks thrilling high peaks, 18 of which I did my very first semester at Clarkson. I'm an Eagle Scout, build computers, and serve as CUOC's Secretary. I'll have just come off the trail from a 2 week leadership course in the ADK's so there's no doubt you will be in good hands on the trail. "Hike The Face" is sure to be a great trip to help you learn about CUOC and Clarkson.
Major: 2018
Class year: Mechanical Engineering

Adam Graham

Name: Adam Graham
About me: Hey friends! I'm Adam, the outing club's cutest treasurer. Hiking is my favorite thing, but I also love to ski, climb, play with my dogs, do yoga, run, kayak, slackline, swim, play with other people's dogs, and have fun outdoors whether it's hot or cold out. After having won club rookie of the year for the second consecutive year, I am gearing up to lead the most laid-back and fun pre-o trip on this side of the Mississippi. As a certified class clown and wilderness first responder safety in and enjoyment of the beautiful Adirondack Park will go hand-in-hand on my trip through the heart of the Dacks.
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2017

Matt Dyer

Name: Matt Dyer
About me: Hi! I’m a junior here at Clarkson studying underwater basket weaving with a minor in sports. What sports you ask? ALL of them. I can run really fast, do a tail whip on a scooter and have attempted to fit my entire fist on my mouth on multiple occasions. I have significant experience in the outdoors from being in the Boy Scouts and in the Adirondacks specifically from my time at Clarkson and growing up in its foothills.
Major: Mechanical Engineer
Class year: 2017

David Desmond

Name: David Desmond
About me: When Dave was an infant, his explorer parents were killed by a vicious jaguar. He was adopted by a band of gorillas who raised him as one of their own. All but his adopted father who disapproved of Dave. In order to gain the approval of his father Dave has spent his life becoming one with nature, learning to live in harmony with all creatures large and small. He is always excited to show his world to incoming Clarkson Freshmen by leading amazing trips out into nature. When he isn't swinging on vines or diving off waterfalls Dave can be found studying Aeronautical Engineering and pondering life and physics. His outdoor training and experience are nothing to shake a trekking pole at either. This kid has been places ya know? I mean he was raised by gorillas!
Major: Aeronautical Engineer
Class year: 2017

Josh Valentine

Name: Josh Valentine
About me: My name is Josh and I grew up in coastal Maine doing a lot of hiking and backpacking, mostly in the White Mountains. I am an Eagle Scout, with Red Cross lifeguard/first aid/aed/cpr certification. I have done an 11 day trek to Philmont Scout Ranch, with another coming up this summer, while also taking a NOLS course this summer. I spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy hiking, swimming, and watching hockey.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Eric Mallery

Name: Eric Mallery
Certifications: WOFR; Red Cross Open Water Lifeguard; Eagle Scout
Main interests: Canoeing / Whitewater Kayaking / Nordic Skiing / Hammock Camping
Other Fun Facts: Skied at Nationals for Clarkson's Nordic Ski team the last 3 years. Also on mini-baja SPEED team
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2016

Brian Chrzan

Name: Brian Chrzan
About me: I am one of the current hiking/gear chairs in the outing club. I enjoy mostly hiking and rock climbing outdoors. I am also a runner and a member of the Clarkson Nordic ski team. As an experienced outdoorsman and have spent a lot of time exploring the high peaks region of the Adirondacks. By trip time, I will be incredibly close to becoming, if not already, a 46er. Also, my two weeks prior to pre-orrientation trips will be spent on a NOLS course in the high peaks, learning all there is to know about both the outdoors and leadership. I'm excited for the opportunity to lead a trip and hope to see you out there!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Dan Allen

Name: Dan Allen
About me: Hello!! My name is Dan Allen and I am an Environmental Engineering major here at Clarkson University. This will be the start of my Senior year and I cannot wait to get started! My experience in the outdoors includes 13+ years of hiking and backpacking in the southern Adirondacks as well as years of cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing. I have CPR and First Aid training as well as Wilderness First Responder (WFR). Other things I enjoy doing when I’m not hiking and such are canoeing, rowing, soccer, mountain biking and anything that gets me outside or just relaxing! Come join us on one of our trips!
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2016

Kyle O'Grady

Name: Kyle O'Grady
About me: My name is Kyle O'Grady, and I am going into my sophomore year, double majoring in Digital Arts and Science and computer Science. I am from Jericho Vermont, and have hiked the entire Vermont Long Trail, a 272 mile trail up the Green Mountains. I am working on hiking the 48 four-thousand-footers in New Hampshire, as well as the ADK 46's here in New York. I hope to see you on my trip!
Major: Digital Arts and Computer Science
Class year: 2018

HOW TO APPLY: Sign-ups for pre-orientation trips happen from April 15 to July 15. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at  

CUOC Pre-Orientation Trip Travel Policy and Release, Consent, and Waiver Form

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Mini Orientations: A mini-orientation on Monday, August 22nd is available for families of students who are participating in pre-orientation trips.  This session is held for your family’s convenience so two trips to Potsdam for Orientation events are not necessary. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature and location of many of these trips it is direly important that you bring any medication that you could possibly need on your trip. This is even more important to students with conditions such as asthma or allergies to bee stings. If you have ever needed an inhaler, BRING IT, if you have any reason to need an Epi-pen, BRING ATLEAST ONE, we cannot provide this type of medication. If for any reason you normally wear a medical alert bracelet due to drug allergies you MUST wear it the WHOLE trip. Please come prepared with all medications you could need, and inform your leader personally of any possible medical complications you may have.

Top 5 reasons to go on a pre-Orientation trip:
5) Get an awesome T-Shirt.
4) Move in early (get all the good stuff in the room).
3) Have fun in the ‘Dacks and get settled before work sets in.
2) Meet interesting people and make new friends even before classes start.
1) Become part of the coolest club on campus!

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