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2015's Most & Least Energy-Expensive States
WalletHub | 07-31-2015
For insight into the various ways Americans can reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources and thereby diminish their costs as well we asked a panel of energy and policy experts to weigh in - Stephen Bird, Associate Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University:

Clarkson's Anthony Collins on panel that redesigned New York's LaGuardia
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 07-31-2015

How science helps golfers drain those tricky putts | 07-30-2015

Diego C. Nocetti: Why all the fuss over the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
Watertown Daily Times | 07-29-2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a preferential trade agreement being negotiated between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

STEM camp offers opportunities for robotics, coding, design and more
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 07-28-2015

Disc regeneration using embryonic stem cells
Spinal News | 07-27-2015

Clarkson gets geographic win in Union Grad College merger
North Country Public Radio | 07-24-2015

Plans for merger of Clarkson and Union Graduate College approved by state
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 07-23-2015

Can's Wall Street programmers outwit Amazon and Walmart?
Yahoo! News | 07-21-2015

Here's how physics can help your golf game
Daily Herald | 07-20-2015

Survey: Many college graduates want to stay in Adirondack Park
Lake Placid News | 07-16-2015

Local Excitement Builds Over Pluto
WWNY TV 7 | 07-15-2015

North Country Colleges Listed As Best Values
WWNY TV 7 | 07-13-2015

Survey: College grads look to live, work, stay in Adirondacks [The Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, N.Y.]
Bloomberg | 07-08-2015

BBC World Service to feature interview with Clarkson professor on "Why Factor" program about why people take risks
North Country Now | 07-08-2015

Mergers on the Rise?
Inside Higher Ed | 07-07-2015

Reusable Ozzi to-go boxes are reducing solid waste at Clarkson by dozens of trash bags per day
North Country Now | 07-06-2015

Clarkson holds colloquium for new academics to build job skills, draw professionals to north country
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 07-03-2015

The High Cost of Higher Education
Yahoo! Finance | 07-02-2015

College sports: Clarkson's Coleman named Academic All-America of Year
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 07-01-2015

The physics of golf and the science behind sinking a putt
The Washington Post | 06-29-2015

Why do people take risks?
BBC World Service | 06-26-2015
Some people actively embrace risk by jumping out of aeroplanes, scuba-diving or motor-racing. But we all face risks every day ... (Clarkson Prof. Andreas Wilke at 8:39 in)

Stretching liquid metals and other undergrad pursuits
Share America | 06-26-2015

Professor says iris recognition gives smartphone users more options to protect devices | 06-25-2015

Apollo 13 astronaut and recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom Fred Haise to speak at Clarkson Alumni Reunion Weekend
North Country Now | 06-25-2015

Don't wait another season to pass Plan 2014
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 06-25-2015

Education Power Breakfast 2015. Who was there? (Slideshow)
Albany Business Review | 06-24-2015

Partnerships dominate discussion at higher education Power Breakfast
Albany Business Review | 06-24-2015

College presidents discuss higher ed at Power Breakfast
Albany Business Review | 06-24-2015

Iris recognition gives smartphone users more security options, expert says
Science Daily | 06-23-2015

Expert Says Iris Recognition Gives Smartphone Users More Security Options
e! Science News | 06-23-2015

Which US Colleges Have the Highest-Paid Graduates?
Thrillist | 06-19-2015

International panel to conduct Science Integrity Review of three-year Joint Canada-Alberta Oil Sands Monitoring plan
Bloomberg | 06-18-2015

CAMP at Clarkson University Celebrates 2 Decades of Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Research
AZoNano | 06-17-2015

Roseville's focus on higher ed is part of economic development strategy
The Sacramento Bee | 06-16-2015

Forget Harvard: Here Are the Colleges With the Best-Paid Grads
Builder Magazine | 06-15-2015

Canton maple farmer to be featured on Genn Beck Radio program
North Country Now | 06-12-2015

Does Humor Have A Place in Higher Ed Marketing?
Blog U - Inside Higher Ed | 06-12-2015

How Science Helps Golfers Drain Those Tricky Putts
CBS San Francisco - CBS Local | 06-10-2015

New Study Could Link Saliva Protein Signature to ASD
EIN Presswire | 06-09-2015

Delta's Answer to High-Volume Boarding? Load the Carry-on First
ApEx.aErO | 06-08-2015

How Science Can Improve Your Putts
Science 2.0 | 06-08-2015

How Science Helps Golfers Drain Those Tricky Putts
Inside Science | 06-05-2015

Schumer, Gillibrand, Tonko ask White House to honor Union men's hockey
Times Union Blogs | 06-05-2015

Mold vs. Ghosts? Dr. Shane Rogers Discusses Air Pollutants and Spirits
Paranormal Review Radio | 05-29-2015
Are we just hallucinating spirits and ghosts caused by mold? Let's openly discuss this new study and define the terms that the Clarkson University has determined for their results.

Clarkson's online MBA program lauded as among best for vets
North Country Now | 05-24-2015

Top 10 Colleges for Best Career Value: Brookings
ThinkAdvisor | 05-19-2015

Syracuse-based medical technology group expands membership | 05-19-2015

Visiting lieutentant governor says proximity to Canada is economic key
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 05-15-2015

Business Times | 05-15-2015

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