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Clarkson Students Seek Solutions For Global Warming

Students in the Clarkson University Honors Program will present their solutions for global warming on Wednesday, December 6, at 7 p.m. in Room 112 of Bertrand H. Snell Hall.

During the summer, the program’s 26 sophomores and 11 juniors read the 1997 Kyoto Protocol – the international treaty on reducing greenhouse gases. Their assignment this semester was to discuss the political and environmental ramifications of global warning and to present solutions to the problems that exist.

The causes and effects of global warming are hotly contested among scientists, and hammering out agreements among different countries to reduce emissions of greenhouses gases has proven extremely difficult.

The Clarkson Honors students will try to succeed where politicians failed. They have attempted to develop a plan that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and satisfy all countries.

To accomplish this, each student in the class was assigned to a geopolitical group representing a region of the world: North America, the European Union, China/India, Russia/Eastern Bloc, Brazil/Indonesia/Sub-Saharan Africa and Japan/South Korea/Taiwan. Each group will present their own solutions to the problems of global warming.

Students were organized into technical teams as well, tackling the economic, energy, scientific and social aspects of global warming.

The Honors Program at Clarkson University chooses a new topic each year for multidisciplinary study. Students are challenged to solve complex, real-world problems, led by a team of faculty from a variety of disciplines.

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