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Clarkson Pulls Fraternity Recognition

POTSDAM, N.Y. -- Clarkson University Vice President for Student Affairs Gary Kelly today announced his decision to withdraw the recognition of the Sigma Delta fraternity. This action comes in the wake of several disciplinary actions taken against the fraternity in the past year. The most recent of those incidents took place in early May when police were called after receiving complaints from a neighbor that a pig was possibly being abused at the fraternity.  Following an investigation police found the animal dead at the house. They later arrested three house members in connection with that incident.

Clarkson officials have had several meetings with the police as the University undertook its own investigation of the fraternity.

In making the announcement of the University’s decision, Vice President Kelly stated that  “Every Greek organization at Clarkson must reinforce our values as well as comply with its own policies if it is to remain a part of our campus.” He pointed to a Greek Task Force report completed two years ago following the death of a student during a pledging incident, saying a number of explicit expectations were communicated to the houses in the Greek System.  He added,  “The contrast between the current situation in Sigma Delta and the ideals set forth in the Vision of a Clarkson Education and the Clarkson Values is striking. It has become impossible to imagine that the Sigma Delta experience of today can add positively to the overall Clarkson experience.”

As a result of the withdrawal of recognition, members of Sigma Delta will no longer receive exemptions to live off campus.

Kelly said today’s action should not be taken as a reflection on the entire Greek System. “In fact,” he said, “many of our houses have made great strides since the Greek Task Force review. Overall, we have seen an improvement academically, socially and in the condition of the houses. We look forward to a future with a strong and positive Greek System.”

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