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Since the beginning of February 2013 I have been working for the Nicholville Telephone Company/Slic Network Solutions as an internship. I am currently coordinating the 4th Annual North Country Technology Symposium.  In my work as the Event Coordinator of the symposium I have had many tasks to undertake.  Those tasks include but are not limited to: soliciting perspective presenters, creating an advertising and marketing plan, creating a budget for the symposoium, creating an agenda for the day of the symposium, and designing and organizing the website.

In the design and oraganization of the website for the North Country Technology Symposium I have become proficient in my work on the CMS network through Clarkson University.  The site I designed has an index page along with 8 secondary pages. I have uploaded single photograpphs as well as an interative slideshow to the website. I have become knowledgeable in HTML coding which has allowed me to change fonts and spacing.

My work on the North Country Technology Symposium has been very rewarding and has given me the opportunity to gain many new skills and continue to work on exsisting ones.