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2013 Presentations

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Here are some of this year's presentations!  Make sure to check back soon for new presentations being added and an agenda!!

Session Title: Digital Records – Implementation, Creation, Conversion, and Storage for Personal and Small Business Applications
Sgt. Michael J. Perry, Jr.
Organization/Company: St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office (SLCCF)
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: This will present the basic requirements to convert paper records to a digital format to attendees. An emphasis in proper preparation, available hardware and software, implementation, and legal issues will be covered. Attendees will walk away with the basic knowledge to plan a digital records retention program for their personal or small business and implement it successfully.
Presenter Bio: I have been a member of the Sheriff’s office for over 10 years. I was promoted to Correctional Sergeant in June of 2012. I successfully implemented, maintain, supervise, and oversee the digital records program for the St. Lawrence County Correctional facility (the first local governmental agency to do so and one of the first in the state for local Corrections). This program has saved taxpayers approximately 10K per year. To date, our digital database contains over 300,000 of converted pages of documents in digital format and continues to grow daily. I am also the Records Access Officer, Supervising Field Training Officer, and FOIL Officer for the St. Lawrence Co. Correctional Facility.

Session Title:  The Role of Information Technology in Clarkson's 3 On-campus Sustainability Facilities
Presenter: Daqing Hou
Organization/Company: Clarkson University
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: Clarkson University has made a commitment to improve the sustainability of campus operations and education. For example, a pilot-scale greenhouse building is designed to balance the need for ample lighting while minimizing heat losses. The anaerobic digester converts over 300 kg (650 lb) of our campus’ food waste each day into biogas, which is then used to produce electric power that will be used in the system. The digester also provides nutrient-rich fertilizer that will be considered for use in the greenhouse to support plant growth. The energy cabin, with its solar thermal/wood pellet 22 kW heating system, provides heat from renewable resources to maintain required temperatures in both the digester and the greenhouse. Information technology, together with other engineering disciplines, is playing a key role in running these facilities. This presentation is aimed to give an overview of the information technology involved in these three facilities.
Presenter Bio: Dr. Daqing Hou is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Clarkson University. His teaching and research interest is in Software Engineering.

Session Title: How to Increase the Security of a Network by Developing a Cisco VPN Concentrator
Mike Knaebel
Organization/Company: Clarkson University
Skill Level: Skilled
Abstract: Requiring the use of a VPN on a campus can greatly increase the security, and often the performance of the campus's data network. The IT department at Clarkson University utilized Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance, because it offered a robust VPN concentration platform with impressive client-device compatibility. The Security Appliance was configured to authenticate users with the University's Active Directory environment via RADIUS servers, providing access that was appropriate specifically for the connecting user. Once deployed, the IT department was able to remove nearly-global openings in the firewall for tcp/22 and tcp/3389, with the new found discretion that anyone attempting to connect via those methods would be an authenticated member of the campus.
Presenter Bio: Mike Knaebel worked with the IT department at Clarkson University for 4 years as a student, before taking the title Jr System Administrator in January 2012. As a freelancer, he develops websites and provides IT support for various groups in the area.

Session Title: Is Your Back-Up Strategy Adequate?
Chuck Mosca
Organization/Company: Twinstate Technologies
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: Is Your Back Up Strategy Adequate? An in depth presentation on the current state of actual business back-up strategies and the importance of a Disaster Recovery plan. Is your current back-up strategy enough? If mission-critical data were compromised or lost due to disaster, would you have access to that data in a timely enough manner to keep your business operating? Our recent report on Data Protection contains data collected over the first four months of 2013 from 250 Northeast region businesses regarding their current data backup and storage practices. We also explored whether Disaster Recovery plans have been established. The data is alarming. After this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of what is currently being done by their peers with regard to data storage, compliance regulations for certain industries, and the different storage options available. They will have an increased awareness of data protection and a greater understanding of the value of a Disaster Recovery plan for their data to ensure business continuity and viability.
Presenter Bio: Chuck Mosca, IntuITive Services® Manager Mr. Mosca has been TwinState’s IntuITive Services® Manager for more three years. In this position, Mr. Mosca plays a strategic part in the awareness, development and support for IntuITive Services®. Mr. Mosca’s accomplished background includes over 20 years of experience in IT Application of Advanced Technology and Management. His successful history concentrates on managed and cloud services, virtualization, data storage, data and network security, data protection and disaster recovery services and solutions.

Session Title: Internet of Things
Russell Nelson
Organization/Company: Crynwr Software
Skill Level: Skilled
Abstract: You cannot control what you do not measure. This is the scientific basis of the folkism "Measure twice, cut once." We've been measuring things by hand for a long time -- air temperature, water depth, body temperature. But we have computers now. Measurements become much more useful if they are cheaper to gather and process. There are many different efforts to connect all these sensors together into an "Internet of Things". We'll look at the latest existing and upcoming technologies for cheaply gathering data from sensors, with the goal of understanding what can be done now, and what can be done in the future.
Presenter Bio: Russell Nelson has been the proprietor of Crynwr Software for 22 years, and has developed Ethernet drivers and email systems. He currently is employed full-time at Clarkson University developing and deploying water quality sensors as his contribution to the Internet of Things.

Session Title: The Use of Mobile Devices and Policies in the Workplace
Jill Van Hoesen
Organization/Company: Johnson Newspaper Corporation
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: IT teams are spending less time managing company-distributed hardware and more time attempting to navigate the ever-rising surge of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) popularity.. Very few workers feel that personal mobile products should not be used on the job and they are generally getting their wish, as the vast majority of professionals are now allowed to use their smartphones for work. In fact, the average mobile worker now owns several devices for various business purposes. The overriding message seems to be: If you're still attempting to thwart BYOD within your organization, you're probably fighting a losing battle. For starters, the C-Suiters probably won't appreciate how such a position will place the company at a competitive disadvantage for talent. Ultimately, it's best to work with users to come up with strong mobile policies that best serve and protect the enterprise while allowing them to use their preferred devices.
Presenter Bio:  Ms. Jill Van Hoesen joined the Johnson Newspaper Corporation in April of 2008 as Information Security Officer, becoming Chief Information Officer in 2011. In this role, Jill provides technical leadership, vision and experience throughout the state wide organization. Ms. Van Hoesen’s career spans over 25 years in executive information technology roles with the United States government and the financial industry in the North Country before joining the Johnson Newspaper Corporation. Jill is also the featured columnist for Business Tech Bytes, a monthly column in the NNY Business Magazine, a member publication of the Johnson Newspaper family of publications. This popular monthly column explores the varying ways information technology can leverage advantages for local businesses in an ever growing global economy. Ms. Van Hoesen also serves as Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the United States Postal Service Postal Customer Council, Secretary for the Theresa Rotary Club and Secretary/Treasurer for the Rivergate Wheelers ATV Club, as well as moderator and speaker at numerous venues throughout the year. Jill currently resides in Theresa with her husband, Glenn.

Session Title: North Country Startups
Matt Draper
Organization/Company: Shipley Center for Innovation (Clarkson University)
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: The Shipley Center for Innovation in partnership with the Reh Center for Entrepreneurship and the Office of Risk Management oversee the Peyton Hall Incubator. The incubator provides early-stage companies with space and infrastructure as they complete proof of concept and begin to scale. The incubator currently has 23 startups and is 74% full after just 2 years in operation. The presentation will outline the model, types of startups, and services available including IP protection, business model generation, seed funding, prototyping, and networking.
Presenter Bio: Matt Draper, deputy director, The Shipley Center for Innovation As Deputy Director for the Shipley Center for Innovation, Draper works directly with faculty, students, and staff on the commercialization of emerging technologies. Since joining the Shipley Center in October of 2010, this work has led to the development of the Clarkson Model for the Commercialization of Innovations, which is directly responsible for the formation of multiple startups in Upstate New York. Draper is a graduate of Clarkson, receiving an undergraduate degree in business administration as well as an MBA in 2003. Prior to joining the Shipley Center, he worked in various management roles of increasing responsibility for W.W. Grainger, a Fortune 500 company and the largest industrial distributor in the world.

Session Title: Network Device Monitoring Toolbox
Jonathan Towne
Organization/Company: Clarkson University
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: IT departments often have many individual devices (switches, routers, firewalls, servers, storage arrays) to monitor and manage, and often each of these come with their own tools to do so. Monitoring these devices is rarely an easy task, and requires a fair bit of thought and effort. What is often lacking is a single or small number of tools/applications to consolidate the information, provide trending data, and historical logging. Attendees should come away from this presentation with an introductory knowledge of a few stable, mature open-source applications designed to help.
Presenter Bio: Jonathan Towne is a North Country native, and started in IT early. He has more than a decade of experience as a systems and network administrator, and enjoys the challenges such a career choice can bring with it.

Session Title: Creating an App from the Ground Up
Peter Karlson
Organization/Company: NeuEon Inc.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: We have distilled two decades of building custom software into a two-hour workshop. This session is designed for entrepreneurs and companies that are looking to build custom software and apps for their business or as their business. Everything you need to know from terminology, process and trends in best practices. This session will make sure you are prepared and guide you through some of the pitfalls and risks associated with the development process.
Presenter Bio: Peter is the President/CEO of the technology consultancy NeuEon Inc. Peter is a serial entrepreneur with experience in bootstrapping, strategic investments and angel financing. His firm specializes in providing guidance and advice to entrepreneurs and established organizations looking to use technologies more effectively.

Session Title: Cooperative Technology – Electronic Records Management System
Jeanne Brown
Organization/Company: Digital Towpath Cooperative
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: Centralizing and managing public records in electronic format can be a difficult task - especially for smaller, typically less centralized local governments. Working together, the local governments of the Digital Towpath Cooperative have developed a web application to address this problem through shared resources and mutual support. Development of the Digital Towpath electronic records management system (ERMS) was funded through a NYS Archives LGRMIF Shared Services grant submitted by Digital Towpath and seven towns and villages across the state. Together officials from these governments helped to design and test a system they could share not only among themselves but also with other NYS local governments. This session will introduce you to Digital Towpath and the ERMS and tell you how local governments in NYS can join in using this powerful new system to centralize and manage electronic records. The ERMS includes an access management system that can be used to allow access to only a specific folder or folders within the system. Retention of inactive folders can be set so that files are expunged automatically when they reach the end of their retention period. Reporting is automated. Files are stored in an approved, secure data center and safeguarded by multiple layers of security.
Presenter Bio: Jeanne Brown Project Director Digital Towpath Cooperative Institute for Local Government at SUNY Institute of Technology Ms. Brown has experienced town government in her own town as a Deputy Town Clerk, Supervisor’s Secretary, Assessor’s Clerk, Planning Board Clerk, and Recreation Commission Member, as well as an active community member. This on-the-job training and nearly two decades of helping small towns and villages in her area with technology and records management projects have given her an understanding of the business process of small towns that only those of us who have been there can develop. Jeanne currently serves as Project Director for Digital Towpath and as a member of the Local Government Records Advisory Commission and the Local Government Cyber Security Committee, continuing her commitment to open and efficient government through technology consolidation.

Session Title: Why You Should Consider a Career in Health Care IT
Corey M. Zeigler
Organization/Company: Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: Health care IT is a field where you can make a tangible impact - and therefore, a field that’s worthy of your career consideration. Health care IT is a field that needs technology improvements. Where many industries - from retail to banking to communications - depend on interoperable network infrastructure and user-friendly interfaces, many doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories across the U.S. still rely on legacy software and hardware. Some doctors still store patient files on paper, and write prescriptions by (illegible) hand. In an industry where lives are at stake every day, and where regulatory pressure to adopt technology has created a critical market need for HIT professionals, there is an opportunity for today’s brightest to enter a challenging and rewarding field. In this presentation, Corey M. Zeigler, Director for the North Country Health Information Partnership, will discuss the need for HIT professionals, the work environments, available training and employment opportunities, both regional and nation-wide.
Presenter Bio: Corey M. Zeigler serves as the North Country Health Information Partnership (N-CHIP) Director for the Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization (FDRHPO) bringing over 20 years of IT experience and strategic leadership as well as 8 years of healthcare administration. As the Director for a community consortium of seven hospitals, and sixty practices surrounding Fort Drum, Corey lead a Health IT initiative that has invested over $13.4 million dollars into the community in order to connect seven hospitals, over 200 providers and 60 practices and clinics to better coordinate care.

Session Title: SEO Practices to Leave Behind in 2013
Presenter: Ruby Sprowls
Organization/Company: Marketing Your Product for Profit
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: Take the opportunity to update and refine your SEO strategies for 2013 and beyond. “SEO Practices to Leave Behind in 2013” is an interactive workshop for business owners who are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing but have only basic experience in executing strategies and tactics on the topic. This workshop content reviews the fundamentals and moves on to reveal more complex functions and examples. We’ll discuss answers to questions such as: • Are more links better than more content? • What are good links and bad links? • Do social media need SEO, are they related? • Is there an ideal keyword density for my page? Or is that tactic still relevant today? • How does poor links affect your site in search? Do you recall the recent Google “Panda” the update that shook the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), causing businesses to wonder why they lost ground on Search Results Pages and began to take a look at their link-building strategy and their keyword-based efforts for a long overdue focus on quality content?
Presenter Bio: Ruby owns a successful consultant company specializing in internet marketing. The business specializes in local search marketing, blogging, analytics, social media consulting, search engine marketing training and education. She operates two internet-based businesses specializing in antique and vintage needlework collectables. As the former director of NATC, Sprowls draws upon her over twenty years of experience in Organizational Development and Business Management and her professional skills in Search Engine Marketing strategist to successfully guide NATC in the achievement of its goals. Sprowls currently sits on the Community Education Advisory Board of SUNY Canton and the Advisory Board of Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Session Title: Designing Websites that Make Sense: A Look at Usability
Pete Molinero
Organization/Company: Laterna Studio
Skill Level: Intermediate
Abstract: No one likes to use a website they can't figure out. This presentation will look at best practices for ensuring that your website is as enjoyable and intuitive as possible for its visitors. This includes topics such as web writing, feature selection, icon design, and more.
Presenter Bio: Pete Molinero owns and operates Laterna Studio; a local web design, print design, and animation business. He has a degree in digital media and over 9 years of experience building websites--ranging from simple brochure sites to complete web applications.

Session Title: Capitalizing on the Mobile Revolution
Andrew Davis
Organization/Company: Jack of Trade Apps
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: In this presentation you will learn how to capitalize on the mobile revolution with a Mobile App from Jack of Trade Apps. Differences between mobile websites and mobile apps, mobile technology trends, and features specifically designed for businesses will be shown and discussed. Examples of Jack of Trade App's existing customer's mobile apps will be demonstrated.
Presenter Bio: Andrew Davis founded Jack of Trade Apps to help small to medium size companies increase sales and customer retention through Mobile Apps. Andrew has a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson and a Master's of Engineering in Industrial & Management Engineering from RPI. Andrew has worked in both commercial and defense industries with an eye toward business development.

Session Title: Meaningful Use: What it Means to Hospitals and Providers
Phil Deleel
Organization/Company: Adirondack Health
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: This presentation will delve into the origins of Meaningful Use as defined within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009. More specifically, the HITECH rules outlined within ARRA and how they impact the delivery of healthcare both from the hospitals perspective as well as the physician or providers perspective. This presentation will outline the components involved with the 3 stages of Meaningful Use as well as compare and contrast each of the stages as they pertain to eligible hospitals and eligible providers. Lastly, this presentation will look at the resources required to meet each of the objectives for each of the stages of Meaningful Use as well as the economic impact meeting these stages will have. This presentation will also demonstrate some tools that are currently available to monitor an organizations progress as well as examples of the reporting requirements as part of the attestation process. The presentation will close with a question and answer period.
Presenter Bio: Twenty plus years experience in the technology arena with 17 plus years experience in healthcare. Currently hold my masters in health administration/informatics and a bachelors in health administration/health information systems. Am a Certified Professional in Health and Information Management Systems. Current member of HIMSS and CHIME as well as a board member of HIXNY (Health information Xchange of New York). Have successfully completed Stage 1 attestation of Meaningful Use and am working to meet the Stage 2 requirements. Currently employed with the Adirondack Medical Center (Adirondack Health) in Saranac Lake and previously held positions at the Claxton Hepburn Medical Center and Canton Potsdam Hospital. Born in Massena, I have been a life long resident of the North Country.

Session Title: Why businesses do or do not undertake disaster recovery planning?
Shalu Wunnava
Organization/Company: SUNY Potsdam
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract: Research has shown that majority of businesses affected by a disaster never reopen. In today’s information intensive and networked world, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is a critical and significant activity. Yet, it has also been shown by research that a majority of North American businesses do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan. The big question is “Why”? In order to find out some answers to the question of why businesses don’t undertake disaster recovery planning, an empirical research was conducted. Using a theoretical lens, disaster recovery planning managers were surveyed to find out the factors that influence the undertaking of disaster recovery planning. The aim of this presentation is to provide the results from the study, and bring a new perspective to the question of what influences the undertaking of disaster recovery planning.
Presenter Bio: Dr.Shalini (Shalu) Wunnava is an Assistant Professor in the Business Administration Department at SUNY Potsdam. She teaches Information Systems and Operations Management. Her research interests include disaster recovery planning, outsourcing, virtual teams, and social media.

Session Title:The Power of Email Marketing
Presenter: Ellen Williams  
Constant Contact
Skill Level: Novice
Abstract:  Today, more than ever before, business success is measured by the strength of the relationships each business builds. You'll learn how to build those relationships using easy, inexpensive and highly effective email marketing! We will explore the basics of what email marketing is, why it works so well, how it easily integrates with social networking sites, and how to use it in your business planning and marketing strategy to achieve special goals. 
Presenter Bio:  Ellen Williams, Constant Contact Regional Development Director, New York & Southern Connecticut Ellen has 23 years of technology and marketing experience and has presented to over 4,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations. Her advice on best practices help organizations understand how to build great customer relationships that lead to more business and donations. Ellen Has been invited to speak by the National Association of Professional Organizers, Inc. Magazine, Microsoft Corp. and Symantec. She has also presented at industry events includingInbound Marketing Summit in Boston, NYXPO for Business in NYC, Social Media Week 2012 and Internet Week New York 2013.

Presentations are 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes Q&A.
The North Country Technology Symposium is the Information Technology event for North Country leaders by North Country leaders.  The event is made possible by the generous support of its partners and the St. Lawrence County Information Technology Advisory Board. 

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