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Department Technical Reports

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Report No. Author Report Title On-line Link
2003-01 Kurtz, Jason, Xenophontos, Christos and Fulton, Scott R. An hp MITC Finite Element Method for Reissner-Mindlin Plates with Curved
PS file
Report No. Author Report Title On-line Link
2002-01 Fulton, S.R., 2002 Semi-Implicit Time Differencing. PDF file
Report No. Author Report Title
2001-01 Dalton, Matthew,
Paget-Seekings, Laurel,
Tamon, Christino,
VanNort, Doug,
Total Shatterings of Graphs
Report No. Author Report Title
2000-01 Xenophontos, Christos A Note on the Uniform Approximation of Singularly Perturbed Problems by the Finite Element Method
2000-02 Mitchell, Brittany L.
Fulton, Scott R.
Adaptive Multigrid Solution of the Shallow Water Equations
2000-03 Hu, Miao
Fulton, Scott R.
Higher Order Adaptive Multigrid Solution of a Fluid Flow Problem
2000-04 Elliotis, M.
Georgiou, G.
Xenophontos, C.
The solution of Laplacian problems over L-shaped domains with a singular boundary integral method
Report No. Author Report Title
99-01 Xenophontos, Christos Optimal Mesh Design for the Finite Element Approximation of Reaction-Diffusion Problems
99-02 Burgess, Nicole M.
Fulton, Scott R.
Experiments with Higher-Order Multigrid Methods
99-03 Fulton, Scott R.
Xenophontos, Christos
Maple Tutorial#1: Getting Started
99-04 Fulton, Scott R.
Xenophontos, Christos
Maple Tutorial#2: Functions, Plots and Equations
99-05 Fulton, Scott R.
Xenophontos, Christos
Maple Tutorial#3: Derivatives and Integrals
99-06 Xenophontos, Christos
Fulton, Scott R.
Maple Tutorial#4: Matrices and Vectors
Report No. Author Report Title
98-01 Croos-Dabrera, Rodney Graphical Methods for Assessing Predictor Transformations in Generalized Linear Models
98-02 Xenophontos, Christos A Beginner's Guide to MATLAB
98-03 Xenohontos, Christos
Boris Jeremic
Application of the p-version of the Finite Element Method to Elasto-plasticity with Localization of Deformation
98-04 Xenophontos, Christos Application of p/hp Finite Element Methods to Reaction-Diffusion Problems in Domains with Corners
98-05 Kaup, David
B.A. Malomed
and J. Yang
Suppression of collision-induced pulse jitter in the WDM return-to-zero communications by strong dispersion management (to appear in Proc. of SPIE Conf., Boston, MA, Nov. '98)  
98-06 Kaup, David
B.A. Malomed
and J. Yang
Collision-induced pulse timing jitter in a WDM system with strong dispersion management, submitted to JOSA B  
98-07 Ibragimov, E.
Struthers, A.A.
Kaup, David
Khaydarov, J.D.
and Singer, K.D.
Solitons in Three-Wave Interactions  
98-08 Steudel, H.
Kaup, D.J.
Inverse Scattering Transform on a Finite Interval  
98-09 Yang, Y.
Malomed, B.A.
Kaup, D.J.
Embedded Solitons in Second-Harmonic-Generating Systems  
98-10 Kaup, D.J.
El-Reedy, J.O.
Thomas, Gary E.
Growth of Small Signal Noise in a Crossed Field Electron Vacuum  
Aaron Lutman