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Weiqiang Ding

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Weiqiang Ding
Assistant Professor
203 CAMP
Clarkson University
P.O. Box 5725
Potsdam, NY 13699-5725

Phone: 315-268-2205  
Fax: 315-268-6695
Research website:
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Educational Background

B.E., Tsinghua University (1999)
M.S., Northwestern University (2002)
Ph.D., Northwestern University (2005)


ES222 - Strength of Materials (Fall 2006)

Research Interests

Dr. Ding's research interests falls within the field of solid mechanics. His research interests and activities include nanoscale manipulation, mechanical property characterization and application of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. More information can be found on his research website.

Selected Publications

  1. W. Ding, Z. Guo, R.S. Ruoff, "Effect of cantilever nonlinearity in nanoscale tensile test," Journal of Applied Physics, submitted.
  2. W. Rong, W. Ding, L. Madler, R. S. Ruoff, S. K. Friedlander, “Mechanical properties of nanoparticle chain aggregates by combined AFM and SEM: isolated aggregates and networks”, Nano Letters, Accepted (2006).
  3. W. Ding, L. Calabri, K. M. Kohlhaas, X. Chen, D. Dikin, R. S. Ruoff, “Modulus, fracture strength, and brittle vs. plastic response of the outer shell of arc-grown multi-wall carbon nanotubes”, special issue of Experimental Mechanics on “Nanoscale Measurements in Mechanics”, in press (2006).
  4. W. Ding, L. Calabri, X. Chen, K. M. Kohlhaas, R. S. Ruoff, “Mechanics of crystalline boron nanowires”, Composites Science and Technology, 66,1109-1121 (2006).
  5. S. Lu, Z. Guo, W. Ding, R. S. Ruoff, “An analysis of the use of a MEMS testing stage to measure the mechanical properties of nanostructures”, Review of Scientific Instruments, 77(5), 1-4 (2006).
  6. W. Ding, D. Dikin, X. Chen, X. Wang, X. Li, R. Piner, R. S. Ruoff, E. Zussman, “Mechanics of hydrogenated amorphous carbon deposits from electron beam induced deposition of a paraffin precursor”, Journal of Applied Physics, 98 (1), 014905 (2005).
  7. W. Ding, A. Eitan, F. T. Fisher, X. Chen, D. Dikin, R. Andrews, L. C. Brinson, L. S. Schadler, R. S. Ruoff, “Direct observation of polymer sheathing in carbon nanotube-polycarbonate composites”, Nano Letters, 3 (11), 1593-1597 (2003).
  8. D. Dikin, X. Chen, W. Ding, G. Wagner, R. S. Ruoff, “Resonance vibration of amorphous SiO2 nanowires driven by mechanical or electrical field excitation”, Journal of Applied Physics, 93 (1), 226-230 (2003).