Design, Build and Fly 2009 Update Page

dbf team

DAY 1: April 18, 2009 - The 2009 Design, Build, and Fly Competition got off to a terrific start for the "KnightHawks" of Clarkson University today as the team completed their technical inspection, passed the Pre-Assembly Mission, and completed their first successful scoring flight to move into 12th place. A total of 12 Clarkson students travelled to Tucson, AZ to compete with 54 teams from all over the US and the world including Israel, Turkey, Columbia and Slovania. This was the first year the team from Clarkson has entered the leader board in several years as a result of past fatal crashes.

DAY 2: April 19, 2009 - An exciting finish to an exciting day is the only way to describe what occurred today. The KnightHawks discovered their successful flight of the previous day resulted in a bent propeller shaft mount. After trying to make other parts work, the team was graciously given an extra by the USC team and could continue competing! The team decided to repeat their earlier "Pre-Assembly" task, in an effort to improve the System Complexity Factor. After several "behind the tent" practices, they proceeded to reduce their assembly time from 130 seconds to 76 seconds, effectively doubling the SCF multiplying factor!

Unfortunately, other teams were thinking the same. Clarkson then began to focus on flying, attempting to complete the second mission, lifting 8lb of water. In the (not posted) video below they missed the takeoff by 6 inches! Another attempt after re-trimming the airport also proved unsuccessful. With one more flight attempt left and 10 minutes left in the competition, Clarkson flew Mission 1 again, improving the flight time from 214 seconds to 138, but by bouncing off the runway (video on the way!), the flight was disqualified. Final, unofficial standing is 23rd place out of a field of 54. Congratulations! More pics and video to be posted soon!

Movies of the first flight can be watched below. Just click on the images to launch the movies (MPEG 4).

First Flight
Complete First Flight (18.4 MB).
First Flight Detail
Closeup of First Flight (13 MB).