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Lake Ontario Great Lakes Science Practicum

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An intensive 8-day field practicum was conducted September 19-26, 2003 on Lake Ontario. Students obtained practical and theoretical knowledge of Great Lakes limnology by working in small groups (2-3 students) on two topics per day with a rotation of topics and partners every two days. This practicum was course offered by Clarkson University and was made available through support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency — Great Lakes National Program Office (USEPA-GLNPO) and Clarkson University Center for the Environment. The course assumed knowledge of general chemistry and was appropriate for biology, chemistry, environmental engineering and other students with an interest in environmental science.

BY 501. Great Lakes Science Practicum (3 credits).
Limnology and Environmental Science of the Great Lakes will be learned during a one-week intensive field course on Lake Ontario onboard the R/V Lake Guardian, a scientific research vessel operated by the USEPA. Practical knowledge of standard and advanced limnological techniques will be learned through the study of fundamental limnology and topics in environmental science that will be examined in the field. Room and board onboard the ship is included with tuition.

The course will not be offered in 2006, but we anticipate holding the course again when funding is made available from USEPA GLNPO.