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How to file an ITIN application...

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 Some student/scholars will not qualify for a social security number and therefore must file an application for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (ITIN - Form W-7). This number is used for identification purposes for federal income tax filing only. Students and Scholars will only be issued an ITIN if you have a filing requirement and file a valid federal income tax return.

NOTE: For those that are able to use GLACIER Tax Prep  - the program will produce this form.

NOTE:   ITIN’s are not valid form of identification outside the tax system.

Special note for those that are not able to use GLACIER
- you can print (or complete online) IRS Form W-7 and follow the instructions below to complete the form.

Instructions to complete IRS Form W-7 

  • Get IRS Form W-7
    • Reason - Select 'f' - Nonresident alient student, professor or researcher filing U.S. tax return or claiming an exception
    •  Line 1 - Name - Complete your full name as it appears on your passport
    • Line 2 - Applicant Mailing Address - enter only if different from where you receive your mail from your permanent home address. This must be a street address and cannot be a P.O. Box.
    • Line 3 - Foreign (non-U.S. address) - enter your address in your home country (this is likely where your ITIN information will be mailed - please keep in safe spot for future reference!
    • Line 4 - Birth Infomration - Enter you date of birth in MM/DD/YY format and the Country in which you were born
    • Line 5 - Gender - Check your gender
    • Line 6 - Other Information -
      • 6a - Enter your country of citizenship
      • 6b - Foreign Tax I.D. number (if any) - enter only if your country of residence issues you a tax identification number
      • 6c - Type of U.S. visa, the visa number and expiration date
        • Note - your status has been issued for 'duration of status' or 'D/S' -- use this as your expiration date
          • Excample - F1, 11111111, D/S
      • 6d - Identification documents - Check 'Passport'. You will only need to submit a copy of your passport (notarized) proving your identity.
        • Issued by - enter your Country
        • No - enter your passport number
        • Exp. date - enter the date your passport expires
        • Entry date in U.S. - enter the date you entered U.S.
      • 6e - Have you been issued an ITIN before? Most times you will enter NO and proceed to 6g
      • 6f - Only complete if answered 'yes' to 6e
      • 6g - Name of college/university or company - enter 'Clarkson University' city/state 'Potsdam, NY' length of stay 'enter total time here'
  • SIGN HERE - sign and date

    You must obtain a 'certified copy' of your passport to attch with your W-7. All ITIN application materials and your federal tax return will be mailed to

Internal Revenue Service
ITIN Operations
P.O. Box 149342
Austin, TX 78714-9342