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Filing NYS Income Taxes

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SPECIAL NOTE - Please note that the terms 'non-resident' and 'resident' for NYS Income Tax purposes are NOT the same as 'Non-Resident Alien' as they are used on Federal Tax Forms.  For NYS Tax purposes, you will be considered a 'non-resident'  on New York State if you live on campus, in the dorms.  You will be considered a 'resident' of New York State if you live off-campus.

Please follow these rules if you plan to file NYS Income Tax Return: (you may be able to file online by going to NYS Department of Taxation & Finance

If you have wage income (W-2) PLUS a taxable scholarship (1042S) - and you live off campus - file IT-201 (IT-201 Instructions)

If you live on-campus (in the dorms) - you MUST use IT-203 and IT-203B. The IT-203 covers all types of income - such as wages and scholarships. (See information below on how to complete)

NOTE: The reason international students who live in dorms on campus are treated as non-residents for NYS tax purposes is because the time spent living in a dorm is considered a 'temporary home'.

FORM Instructions



Steps in Filing New York State Income Tax Forms when using IT 203/IT 203-B

  1. Prepare your federal income tax return and have a copy for reference 
  2. Download the appropriate forms 
    • Form IT 203: Nonresident & Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return 
    • Form IT 203 – Instructions 
      • Tips for Completion of Form IT – 203
    • Form IT-203-B: Attachment to Form IT-203 
      • NOTE: You will only need to complete the section titled “Schedule B – Living Quarters maintained in NYS by nonresident” You just need to complete your address(es) you lived in while in NYS during 2012 
  3. Complete and file your forms to NY State Department of Taxation