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Arrival Information

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Arrival Information for Students & Scholars
It is important to keep the International Students & Scholars office informed of your impending arrival. This will ensure that if you will be delayed in any way that we keep your information updated in the SEVIS system. Students & Scholars that are relying on their Departments – Advisors and/or International Associations for arrival pickups, please be sure to contact them well in advance of your arrival date to be sure someone is available to meet you.

When You Get to the United States
When you arrive in the U.S., your documents will be checked and processed by an official from the INS. This can be alarming, because you may be asked many questions. When the INS official has completed this "inspection" as it is called, they will return your passport with your I-20 or DS-2019. You will also receive a small white card called an I-94. "Arrival and Departure Record", which contains your admission number, this is important for US Customs & Immigration Service (USCIS) record keeping as they will keep track of arrivals and departures from the United States.. The I-94 also contains the date to which you may legally remain in the United States without applying for an extension of stay. These documents are very important. Keep them carefully with you, and when you arrive at Clarkson, we will explain in detail what their use is and what other things you need to know for your stay.

Important note for students who will be living on campus – upon arrival, you may proceed directly to Residence Life in the Cheel Student Center where they give you your dorm information. Please note that if you are arriving after normal business hours, campus safety will let you in your dorm until you are able to check-in with residence life.

NOTE: Those that are taking the bus from the Syracuse airport to Potsdam, the bus line will drop off students and/or scholars at the main entrance to Clarkson University. You will need to inform them that you are going to Clarkson University when you get on the bus.