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Tips & Responsibilities to Maintaining Status

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  • Status – This is your legal immigration status (F-1 or J-1). This status is noted at the US port of Entry on the I-94 and I-20 forms.
  • Remaining in status -
    • Be enrolled as a full-time student at all times and make valid progress towards degree completion
      • Undergraduate Students - minimum of 12 credit hours
      • Gradaute Students - minimum of 9 credit hours
      • Note: any deviation from the above enrollment must have authorization from the International Students & Scholars Office prior to reducing your course load. There are very specific conditions that must be met for the authorization to be approved. 
    • Always maintain a valid DS-2019 and be sure to have page 1 signed every six months for travel validation.
    • Have ALL employment authorized through the International Students & Scholars office (more information found under the J1 Employment section)
    • Maintain all health requirements mandated by New York State
    • Maintain all financial obligations
    • Maintain insurance coverage throughout the duration of status (failure to comply will place you out of status)
  • Visa Stamp - A visa stamp is entered in your passport to allow you entry into the United States as a student. You do not have to have a valid visa during  entire length of your study. Please see the Travel section for more information on travel guidelines. 
  • Passport - you must have a valid passport at all times and if you are travelling the expiration must be at least 6 months in the future of your return trip.
  • SEVIS DS-2019- Keep your SEVIS DS-2019 current and have your DS-2019 signed every six months to ensure your program validation.    You will need a new DS-2019 if you change majors and/or your degree sought. 
  • Special Note for Non-Degree Students - student in a non-degree program can participate for no more than 24 months and you cannot matriculate from a non-degree program to a degree program.
  • Change of Address - You are required by law to notify the ISSO of any changes to your address in Potsdam or the United States within 10 days of your move. Failure to do so could place your student status in jeopardy. You may complete a change of address here.
  • Never engage in unauthorized employment