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J1 Employment Authorizations

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The federal government defines an 'employee' as "an individual who provides services or labor for an employer for wages or other remuneration." 8 CFR 274a.1(f)". Therefore if you receive any compensation (examples include - paycheck, meal voucher, travel reimbursement or stipend) you are considered an employee and therefore should ensure that you have the authorization to engage in that employment.

J students may engage in two kinds of employment: academic training related to a course of study, and other employment related to acadmeic funding - on campus work or economic necessity. This section will explain each kind of employment in detail. Please be sure to discuss any employment opportunities with the ISSO - This is to help ensure that you maintain your student status.

Note: Please remember that the primary purpose while is the United States is to gain an education – not necessarily to engage in employment.

Any questions should always be forwarded to the ISSO for further clarification.