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SEVIS Responsibilities of a J-1 Scholar

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Faculty and Scholars in J-1 status are responsible for understanding and complying with US federal regulations in association with the J-1 exchange scholar visa status. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences with relation to your legal status in the United States.

NOTE- The information stated below is subject to change and should only be used as a quick reference. It is important that you direct any questions or concerns regarding your immigration status to the International Students & Scholars Office.

Passport – All international exchange scholars must have a valid passport at all times. Please review your country’s website for useful information on how to renew your passport.

Valid US Address – All international exchange scholars must have a valid physical address in the United States. The ISSO is responsible for reporting this address to the federal government upon arrival. All J-1 scholars must report any changes to this address to the ISSO within 10 days. The staff at the ISSO will then report this information in SEVIS. The ISSO is the only office on campus that is allowed to report this and other information related to your visa status to the government.

Health & Accident Insurance – J-1 exchange scholars must have ISSO approved health and accident insurance for themselves and their dependents throughout their stay in the United States. Failure to hold insurance is considered a serious violation.

Employment Regulations – J-1 exchange scholars may only engage in the purpose for which the DS-2019 was initiated for (as shown on your DS-2019 in the subject field). You must be authorized ahead of time if you are invited to speak, consult or attend a professional conference for which you will receive reimbursement and/or an honorarium. Scholars must contact the ISSO prior to the invitation to receive proper authorization.

DS-2019 Responsibilities – Upon arrival the ISSO will sign and validate your program. Consultation with the ISSO prior to travel outside the United States is recommended.  This will ensure that you have a valid signature for travel and if necessary, a new DS-2019 will be issued for visa renewals. It is also recommended that you travel with a verification letter certifying that you are in valid J-1 status if you will be renewing your J visa.

Dependent Information – Dependents are welcome to accompany J-1 exchange scholars during their stay in the United States. The ISSO will prepare the visa documents for any dependent of a J-1 scholar and report the required biographical information to the US federal government.

Early Departure – It is possible that an exchange scholar will need to end their program earlier than noted on the DS-2019. Scholars are required to notify the ISSO of when they plan to leave the University as well as the reason for this departure.

Exchange Program Transfers – Scholars who plan to transfer to another J-1 exchange program at another University must notify the ISSO prior to the transfer. Clarkson University is required to review and process this transfer according to federal regulations.

Exchange Program Extensions – All J-1 exchange scholars must apply for an extension to their program before their DS-2019 expires if they plan to extend their stay at Clarkson University. Your program sponsor must request this extension by notifying the International Students & Scholars Office.

Exchange Program Completions – All J-1 exchange scholars must depart the United States within 30 days of the program end date noted on their DS-2019, unless you are transferring to another J program.