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Dependents & Family/Friend Invitations

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Clarkson University strongly suports the reunification of families and friends. Spouses and unmarried minor children can be admitted in F-2 dependent status while family and friends can apply for a visitor's visa to visit students in the United States.

Steps to obtain a dependent I-20:

  1. Complete the Dependent Request Form and submit to the ISSO
  2. After review a Dependent I-20 will be issued and sent to you, the student to forward to your dependents
  3. Apply for the F2 visa at your local consulate

Steps to invite friends & family:

  1. Complete a Verification Request Form to request a letter of invitation for your friend or family member
  2. Give the reason for the visit (ie. general visit or attending graduation ceremony)
  3. Give the full name (as it appears on their passport) of the person you are inviting as well as their date of birth
  4. Send this letter to the person you are inviting
  5. Your friend or family member will apply at the local consulate for a (B) visitors visa