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Sarah Melville

In this Section
Assistant Professor of History
278 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Phone: 315-268-3966

A.B., Smith College
M.A., University of Missouri at Columbia
M. Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

Courses Taught
  • Ancient Medicine and Magic
  • Science, Technology and Society in the Ancient World
  • Warfare in the Ancient World
  • War and Society

Scholarly Interests
My current research in ancient Near Eastern history focuses on the Neo-Assyrian period (c. 1000-610 BC), specifically Neo-Assyrian military culture, ideology and mathematical symmetry in art, and the social role of women.

"Neo-Assyrian Royal Women and Male Identity: Status as a Social Tool," Journal of the American Oriental Society 124 (2004): 37-57.

Review of Legal Transactions of the Royal Court of Nineveh, part II: Assurbanipal through Sin-sharru-ishkum. By Raija Mattild (SAA 14) in JAOS 124/2 (2004): 14-15.

Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society (April), a paper interpreting the meaning of the Sumerian logogram MÍ.É.GAL in a New-Assyrian context.

Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale (July), the paper,"The Purposeful Ambiguity in the Expression of Status within the Neo-Assyrian Royal Family," in which she offered a solution to the persistent problem of how the status of members of the royal family was expressed.