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Operations Manual

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Table of Contents (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
1. History And Mission (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
2. Organization Governance (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
3. Human Resources Policies (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
4. Compensation Policies (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
5. Faculty Policies (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
6. Academic Procedures & Resources (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
7. Administrative Financial Policies & Procedures (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
8. Fringe Benefits (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016
Log of Revisions (.doc) (.pdf) December 2016

All sections of the Operations Manual can be viewed as a Web page, or a Microsoft Word document (.doc ). To view the Word documents, if you are using Internet Explorer, right click on an MS Word link and select "save target as." If you are using Firefox, right click on the MS Word link and select "save link as."