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Service Committee

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The members of the service committee perform the important role of helping all Honors Program students complete the service requirement [1.2.] for graduating with Honors. Each class selects one person to join the Service Committee; the chair is elected by the entire Honors student body.
Service Committee Responsibilities

  • Introduce students to the service requirement during orientation.
  • Inform students of service opportunities.
  • Organize service opportunities that provide at least 500 person-hours of service per semester. One person-hour is one hour of service for each person who participates, so an event for three people that lasts two hours equals 6 person hours.
  • Maintain a record of participation in service for each member of the Honors Program.
  • Promote a spirit of service in the Honors Program.
  • Recognize extraordinary participation in Honors service through awards and events.

Service Committee Members

Co-Chair:  Amanda Borok
Co-Chair:  Haley Grassi
Class of 2015:  Nathan North
Class of 2016:  Sarah Miele
Class of 2017:  Lauren Smales
At-Large Member:  Keighty Tallman