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Student Governance

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Honors Program Steering Board

Serving in the Honors Program student government gives students the opportunity to lead activities and initiatives and to influence the future direction of the Honors Program. It also provides an essential vehicle to address grievances and concerns regarding the Program and its activities.  The Honors Program Steering Board provides direction and guidance to committees and acts as the liaison between Honors students, the Honors Program office, and the Honors Council.  Elections for Steering Board are held annually in late November/early December.  The Honors Program Steering Board maintains its own website at  

The Steering Board is comprised of two Co-Chairs, eight Class Representatives (two representing each class), four Support Representatives (one reprsenting each class), two co-chairs for each committee, and one Honors Council Representative.  A full listing of Steering Board members, including committee members, can be found below. 

Steering Executive Board
Co-Chair:  Dana Chapman
Co-Chair:  Thomas Couture
Secretary:  Matthew McGuffey
Treasurer:  Charlie Maitland

Steering Board Class Representatives
2016:  Shelby Casas, Michael Lee
2017:  Samer Akiki, Bruno Winterman
2018:  Matthew McGuffey, Elizabeth Miele
2019:  Michael Valleau, Timothy Dunn

Steering Board Support Representatives
2016:  Julianna Makarsky
2017:  Andrew Cranmer
2016:  Kay Waters
2019:  Charlie Maitland

The Service Committee
Co-Chair:  Lauren Smales
Co-Chair:  Morgan Johnson
2016:  Julianna Makarsky
2017:  Holly Bronson
2018:  Patrick Perry
2019:  Benjamin Stewart

The Activities Committee
Co-Chair:  Kajol Chaurasia
Co-Chair:  Aady Balasubramanian

Student Ambassador Committee
Co-Chair:  Kaitlin Dunn
Co-Chair:  Sara Bingham

Webmaster Committee
Co-Chair:  Jacob Miele
Co-Chair:  Sam Heater

Historian Committee
Co-Chair:  Alison Stuart
Co-Chair:  Lauren McKeen

Honors Council

The Honors Council is a 15-member organization of Clarkson faculty, staff, and students who oversee Honors Program admissions, curriculum, and research.  Current Honors Program students are represented on the Honors Council through five elected representatives:

2016:  Sarah Miele
2017:  Dana Chapman
2018:  Jonathan Brassard
2019:  Sarah Lilholt
At-Large:  Brian Nardone