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Summer Research

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All Honors students can conduct project work with a faculty mentor on campus in the summer and the Honors Program will cover room and board, and provide a modest amount to cover supplies.  For current students who join our 10-week program, an additional stipend is available on a competitive basis.  Students will be housed on campus (specific housing arrangments are TBD) and they participate in a variety of trips and other sponsored extracurricular activities while working on projects from research in laboratories to design work in workshops to archival research in libraries to ecological investigation in the field.

If you have been accepted to the Honors Program, you can participate in our 5-week "Pre-Frosh" Summer Research Program starting even before your first official semester at Clarkson!  Over half of our incoming class joined us in Summer 2014.  They got to know the campus and faculty and established friendships with other students before the mad rush at the start of the academic year.    

"Pre-Frosh" Summer Research 

Pre-Frosh Summer Research is a five-week program that runs from early July to early August.  It is open to all accepted students and the Honors Program pays for room and board.  You will be matched with a faculty mentor who will supervise your project and help you develop skills appropriate to your chosen field.  You will meet weekly with other Honors students conducting summer projects, learning about their work and developing professional skills.  Summer Projects will culminate in a presentation at the Summer Undergraduate Research (SURE) Conference at Clarkson University.   At the same time, you will be part of an intense community of scholars on campus, with unique access to faculty and facilities, before everyone else arrives in the Fall and you will be able to enjoy special field trips and outdoor activities organized by the Honors Program.  This is a really great way to jump start your academic career and to get to know the campus and community even before school begins!

The Pre-Frosh Summer Research Program culminates in the SURE (Student Undergraduate Research Experience) conference, during which participants present the results of their work to the Clarkson community and guests.

Summer Research Program

Summer Research for continuing upperclass Honors Program students is a ten-week program that runs from late May to early August and is open to all students of good standing in the Honors Program.  For qualified students, the Honors Program pays for room and board. There is also a competition for corporate sponsorship for research in STEM and energy fields which provides a stipend of up to $1000 and research funds up to $500. Participants enjoy unique access to faculty and facilities during the summer, and there are special field trips and outdoor activities organized by the Honors Program.  Graduating seniors typically cite summer research as the highlight of their experience while they were at Clarkson University!

Students must find a faculty sponsor and submit an intent to participate, with a personal statement, by the April deadline.  For stipends, students must submit a proposal endorsed by a faculty mentor willing to supervise their research projects.  

For upper-class students, Summer Research takes place for ten weeks between the first day of the summer school (specific start date is TBD) to the last day of summer school.  You do not have to be on campus for the full ten weeks and students may take breaks for family vacations or other reasons.  However, you will need to seek permission of your mentor and inform the Honors Program of any absences, and in no cases may you be on campus for fewer than five weeks. Any assignments that are missed, such as the proposal or conference presentation, must be made up.

The Summer Research Program culminates in the SURE (Student Undergraduate Research Experience) conference, during which all participants present the results of their work to the Clarkson community and guests. To view the schedule and abstract booklet for the 2014 Summer SURE Conference, click here.


"In summer 2010 I worked at Clarkson's Wind Turbine Test Site. This fundamental research helped me win the Goldwater Scholarship and a summer internship position at NASA Glenn. Honors funded summer research gives students an opportunity to learn the research process firsthand, develop an unparalleled relationship with Clarkson professors, and gain scholarships and awards, and future research opportunities across the world."


Devon Jedamski '13, Goldwater Scholar 2011 



Honors student Lisa D'Auria '15, spent the summer before her first semester working with Shane Rogers, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering on a project to identify potential environmental and health hazards of manure application on fields in upstate New York farming communities. She traveled to San Antonio, TX, with the research team to present at a professional conference and will be co-author on a forthcoming publication.