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Certify your Office as Sustainable

Join your colleagues from across campus by certifying your office as a Green Knight or Gold Knight Sustainable office. The certification process is one way that the University expresses that it values ALL of our efforts to -

  • Increase efficiency in our use of time, materials and energy;
  • Reduce waste;
  • Use material goods and energy resources that are less harmful to the environment and public health;
  • Value the natural environment of our campus and community; and,
  • Provide a work environment that is promotes employee efficiency and comfort.

Twenty offices and over 150 employees are among the inaugural participants in our Sustainable Office Certification program. By joining them you too can show your commitment towards always increasing the sustainability of our campus operations.   

Any office can join this group at any time throughout the year.  The process is simple:
1.  Download the instructions and checklists and open them in Adobe Acrobat to complete them electronically.
2.  Identify your “office” and the members of your office.
3.  Recruit at least 75% of the people in your office to commit to doing ALL of the Green Knight checklist items or both Green and Gold Knight checklist items that are applicable to your office. 
4.  Add these people to your completed checklist and submit electronically to the Institute for a Sustainable Environment.
5.  Proudly display the window decal and poster to share with others your commitment to making our campus a more sustainable enterprise.

Questions?  Contact Susan Powers, at the Institute for a Sustainable Environment if you would like to meet and discuss this program or need help with any of the checklist items.

Download the certification instructions and checklist.


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20 Offices received Certificates
as Sustainable Offices, May 2011.

Green Knight Sustainable Offices

  • Athletics
  • Cheel Arena
  • Chief Financial Officer Office
  • Deans Office - School of Arts and Sciences
  • Division of Research
  • Electrical and Computer Engrg. Dept. Office
  • Institutional Diversity Initiatives
  • MAE Departmental Office
  • Office of Educational Partnerships
  • President's Office
  • Provost's Office
  • Risk Management, Payroll and Purchasing
  • School of Business

Gold Knight Sustainable Offices 

  • Aerospace Studies – AFROTC Det. 536
  • Career Center
  • CARES Office and Graduate students
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept. Office
  • Dean’s Office - Coulter School of Engrg.
  • Engineering and Management
  • Institute for a Sustainable Environment
  • Marketing and External Relations
  • University Libraries
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Student Success Center
  • Reh Center for Entrepreneurship