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Solid Waste & Purchasing

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How is Clarkson cutting down on waste, greening our purchasing decisions and encouraging recycling? For starters, Clarkson University renewed its commitment to recycling with a campus-wide initiative. Since then, more and more is being done to ensure that our community is making sound environmental choices!

PAPER REDUCTION INITIATIVES! Clarkson uses over 24 tons of copier/printer paper per year. A stack of this paper would be taller than the Empire State Building! Electronic communications have helped to reduce our paper use, but we all can do more to cut this stack and reduce the associated cost and environmental impacts. Read more.

BETTER RECYCLING PRACTICES! Clarkson has extended its recycling program to include electronic waste, like computers and monitors, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ballasts, scrap metal, tires, and used oil and anti-freeze.

GREEN FAXING! Clarkson has invested in new e-fax software by RightFax, which will be used campus-wide to send and receive faxes, reducing paper waste.

NUTS FOR GREEN! Shipping & Receiving is now collecting and reusing all packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and pillows.  For small quantities, leave in the shipping box or put in a plastic bag.  Mail delivery personnel can pick it up during mail runs.  For larger quantities, either drop the material off at Shipping & Receiving in the Physical Plant building (adjacent to Walker Center) or call 315-2686543 for pick up.

GOODBYE, MASS DISTRIBUTION! Most University announcements are now sent electronically, rather than on hard copy through intra-campus mail, including Human Resources job announcements, which can also be found online.

ONLY ENERGY STAR ALLOWED! All new appliances purchased by the University are Energy Star qualified.

The Princeton Review rates Clarkson University 95 out of a possible 99 points in the Green Rating category of the 2009 edition of its annual book, Best 368 Colleges.

Clarkson University, including Campus Dining, the Clarkson Inn and the University Bookstore, has discontinued the purchase and use of polystyrene products -- commonly referred to as "Styrofoam." Read more.