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Energy & Water Policies

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Clarkson’s commitment to the environment holds strong in its energy and water policies.

Walking Campus! The University Master Plan already calls for a walking and bike friendly campus, with vehicle parking on the periphery only.

Carpooling! Clarkson offers a venue for students, faculty and staff to consolidate their driving efforts through its carpool program!

Hello, Energy Star! The University recently replaced all current washers and dryers with Energy Star equipment.

Cooking with gas? A team of students and a faculty member are investigating utilizing used cooking oil from the dining halls to run some Facilities & Services vehicles.

Hybrids! Clarkson has five hybrid vehicles in its fleet and and has purchased three electric golf carts for use by Security & Safety (CS&S) and Facilities & Services during the warmer months. CS&S also uses bicycles in the summer.

Our Own Wind Power? Efforts are underway to evaluate the possibilities for a wind turbine on campus that could be both an educational and research tool in addition to generating substantial power for the campus.

Check out the Clarkson Sustainable Synergy Group here!

President Tony Collins recieving the keys to a Hybrid Tahoe
Clarkson University is a member of the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental & Energy Innovations (CoE) . CoE members are pursuing multiple opportunities, including new biofuels, improved technologies to produce power from the sun and wind, processes to reduce emissions from traditional fuels, innovations to increase energy efficiency, and workforce skill development in multiple energy related fields.
The Princeton Review rates Clarkson University 95 out of a possible 99 points in the Green Rating category of the 2009 edition of its annual book, Best 368 Colleges.