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Data and Reports

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Numbers and analysis are critical for assessing just how sustainable our campus is!  Clarkson is currently working towards completing the analysis required by AASHE STARs sustainability reporting guidelines. 

The data and reports listed below are used for the STARs analysis and can be used for your own assessment of our progress and help support your ideas for new projects.

Summary Reports

Fiscal Year 2011 Sustainability Report

Fiscal Year 2012 Sustainability Highlights

Fiscal Year 2013 Sustainability Report
Fiscal Year 2014 Sustainability Report

USGBC final report - TAC LEED Gold Certification

STARS Sustainability Assessment

Summary Report - Analysis of Clarkson’s STARS Silver Rating

Sustainability Focused and Related Courses (updated January 2012)

Faculty conducting sustainability related or supporting research (updated February 2012)

Clarkson’s complete STARS report through AASHE

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2005-2015 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Utility Use 

Completed Student Project Reports


Sustainability Fund

The 2 MW solar PV installation at the Potsdam airport is generating approximately 10% of Clarkson’s electricity demand.  The energy dashboard provides real-time power production and cumulative energy generation More detailed archived data is available for education and research purposes. Please contact for access details

Clarkson received a STARS Silver Rating in 2012.  This acknowledges accomplishments we’ve made in integrating sustainability across all of campus activities.