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Technology Advancements

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Technology Advancements

We're a national research university. Our programs are on the cutting edge, and we intend to keep them there, even as the pace of technology pushes that edge ever farther. In fact, we like being among the ones doing the pushing.

Staying on top in educating and innovating means having the latest technology. The days of this being an "extra" are long gone. To enroll the best and brightest students, to attract and retain top faculty who create knowledge, to produce graduates who change the world—to do everything you expect Clarkson to do, we need amazing technology.

Anyone in business knows that technology gets old fast. Actually, innovations at Clarkson helps fuel technological advancements that we then have to buy for our classrooms and labs. It's a wicked Catch-22, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Should we spend your Clarkson Fund contribution on technology? It's your choice.

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