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Unlocking the Power of Keisha

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Keisha Pierre-Lys’s ‘No-brainer’ Decision

Of modest means and with four college-bound kids, Keisha Pierre-Lys’s family couldn’t pay as much as they would have liked toward her tuition. Drawn to Clarkson’s distinctive biology program, Keisha was able to enroll in her top-choice school, thanks to an accommodating scholarship package. “It was a no-brainer,” she says.

Keisha quickly took advantage of the Biology Department’s hands-on approach and emphasis on undergraduate research. She worked on a faculty project to decode evolutionary relationships between lizard species. Next up was her own research in her minor area of study, psychology. She analyzed the smoking and drinking practices of her peers to determine why they fell prey to these bad habits. The culprit? Race and gender more than stress, she found.

Aiming for medical school after her May 2012 graduation, Keisha shadowed physicians last summer at University of Miami Hospital and has been volunteering in the obstetrics ward at a local hospital. Right now she’s torn between research psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology—two specialties well within her reach.

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