International Student Financial Aid

General Information
All applicants for admission who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents (green card holders), and need to secure a student visa, are required to show proof of financial support as a condition of being issued an official letter of acceptance and I-20 form. There are two ways to show proof of finances:

  • Complete and return the Certificate of Finance Form included in our application packet or downloadable from our Web site. On this form you will need to show specific amounts of support and the sources of the support. You will also need to include the signatures of any sponsors or your parents, in addition to a signature from a bank official; or
  • Provide a certified letter from your sponsor indicating the amount of support available for each year along with a supporting letter from a bank official. No exceptions can be made on the above requirements.

Cost of Attendance
The cost for the Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 school year is $42,250 USD. This cost includes tuition ($28,470), housing ($5,320), meals ($4,810), fees ($690), books and supplies ($1,100 estimated), and personal and travel expenses ($1,860 estimated). Students will need to show support for the total cost of attendance less any international scholarship awarded or loan secured. Applicants who cannot show the required amount of support will be disqualified. Clarkson's cost of attendance increases incrementally each year.

International Scholarships
All accepted international students will be considered for a partial international scholarship at Clarkson. There is no separate application to complete to be considered for an international scholarship. These scholarships range from $2,000 to $12,000 per academic year. The amount awarded is based on the student's academic record. For first-year students this includes: secondary school GPA, rigor of the curriculum, SAT and TOEFL scores, and letters of recommendation. For transfer students, university GPA, rigor of curriculum, TOEFL score, and letters of recommendation are considered. The average international scholarship is currently about $8,000 per year. International scholarships do not increase after the first year. Students must maintain good academic standing (2.0 or better) in order to maintain their international scholarship.

Need-based Financial Aid
Clarkson does not offer need-based financial aid to international students.

International Student Loans
International students are given the opportunity to apply for a Nellie Mae Student EXCEL loan through Clarkson University. When requested, we will send an international student the EXCEL loan application. A U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident (green card holder) will be required to co-sign on the loan application. The co-signer will be guaranteeing repayment of the loan if the applicant should default on payments. Co-signers are typically a family relative or friend. Clarkson University officials will not co-sign on loan applications. If you need to secure a student loan in order to show the required financial support, the loan must be pre-approved before the I-20 can be issued. Students may apply for a loan amount up to the difference between the cost of attendance and any international scholarship awarded. Students must re-apply each year.

There are other organizations and banks that offer international student loans such as Citibank, SallieMae and IEFC (International Education Finance Corporation). These loans also require a U.S. Citizen or U.S. permanent resident to co-sign. The only exception is that the IEFC loan will allow Canadian students to have a Canadian citizen as a co-signer.

Campus Jobs
There are limited work-study positions available for international students on campus. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to secure on-campus employment. Priority is given to U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents who are work-study eligible under federal guidelines. While there are some areas on campus that hire international students, our food service provider, ARAMARK, seems to be the best area to seek employment. The average student will work about 8-10 hours per week. The pay is minimum wage ($6.00 per hour). Work-study earnings should be viewed as spending money and not as a source for greatly defraying the cost of attendance. Under the terms of the F-1 student visa, international students cannot work more than 20 hours per week on campus.

Off-campus Jobs
Off-campus employment is not permitted under the regulations of the F-1 Visa. The International Student Advisor and the Career Center will work with students who want to pursue employment (internships and co-ops) through their optional practical training (OPT). Students on the F-1 Visa are allowed 12 months of OPT in work related to their course of study. Since internships and co-ops are not a required part of the Clarkson curriculum, students are not eligible to use curricular practical training (CPT).

Honors Program
International students may apply for admission to our Honors Program. There is a separate application process for this program. An on-campus interview or telephone interview is also required. Students who are accepted into the Honors Program receive a $2,000 per year scholarship. Admission to this program is very competitive.

Office of Transfer & International Admission
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