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FAS and Student Staff Map the Campus


Facilities & Services (FAS) is teaming up this summer with eight students and Bill Olsen, instructor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, who teaches GIS (Geographic Information Systems).  This experience gives his students practical, real-world application of what they are learning in the classroom.  They are also learning about what a building actually consists of; so much more than just walls, ceilings and floors.

Students perform work in the field and in the lab:

  • Updating blueprints to account for renovations and changes, taking measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Attaching room numbers to spaces or assigning room numbers if no number is found.
  • Geo-referencing the buildings using GPS to place the buildings in real world coordinate space.
  • Documenting all HVAC, plumbing, electrical equipment in the GIS system.
  • Capturing exposed underground utilities with GPS.
  • Building BIMs (Building Information Models; 3D renderings) for each.
  • Exporting BIMs to GIS/ArcMap.
  • Populating attributes, i.e. room number, room use, floor materials, etc.

Why?  To give incoming students and their parents the opportunity to see the spaces they are moving into and to gain familiarity with the campus.  To inform Alumni and Trustees of upcoming projects and their progress.  To provide those who need this information in the future a platform to obtain it more easily and more accurately.  To improve maintenance of the University’s infrastructure by improving response time, reducing downtime and lowering operating costs.

Our thanks to a dedicated student staff:  April Marsh, Jessica Martinez, George Birth, Bryce Recer, Robby Campbell, Mike Rice, Shawn Lowery and Ryan Mathews.


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Facilities & Services Department

150 Downtown Snell Hall
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