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Facilities & Services Update: New People, New Software

Coming changes in Facilities & Services (FAS) have prompted us to once again analyze how we do business and make necessary adjustments.  New faces, others in new roles and new software are in the works.

Maintenance:  Scott Geidel joins the maintenance team as Maintenance Supervisor in support of Lori Remington who has moved into the role of Maintenance Manager.  While both joined the team two years ago, Scott worked initially with our Administrative Services group, while Lori’s first role was Assistant Maintenance Manager.  As Supervisor, Scott will be putting eyes on campus maintenance issues while processing work orders and overseeing the day-to-day.  Lori will ensure quality workmanship and manage the workloads and schedules of the electricians, plumbers, carpenters, boilermakers, HVAC technicians and locksmiths.  She will also analyze the bigger issues to determine if our engineering or project management team needs to be brought into the conversation.  It will be her responsibility to analyze the outcome of the day-to-day operations and move the department from reactive to pro-active.

Projects:  Jud Mills has moved into a Clerk-of-the-Works position joining our Project Management team, under the leadership of Ana Thomas, Director of Project Management.  Jud brings his 15 years of University experience to the team consisting of Ana, John Valcik and Devon Sutton.  This team oversees projects like the Damon Hall and Old Main renovations, Holcroft House porch make-over, Cheel parking lot construction, and many more, from conception to completion.

Safety:  In 2015 we added to the team Safety Manager John Lawrence, whose sole responsibility is to develop and implement a safety program for FAS that dovetails with the University’s safety program.  Thanks to his and his team’s efforts the hill and downtown campuses are now 90% GIS mapped for all life safety equipment:  fire extinguishers, exit lights, emergency lighting units, and emergency eyewash and shower stations.  Over 60% have been bar-coded, eliminating the antiquated process of routinely hand-logging the lengthy serial numbers of these items on site and then typing them into a spreadsheet back at the office. By law, FAS is obligated to inspect and maintain approximately 2000 of these devices monthly.  Additionally, his team is in the process of documenting the 7000 campus doors noting size and specs.  By law, those that are fire doors must be inspected yearly.   This documentation and the use of new software will make it easier to meet the safety expectations.

Software:  Finally, in the very near future we will be replacing TMA with Maintenance Connection as our work order management system.  Maintenance Connection will:

  • Allow you to enter work requests using any mobile device connected to the Internet.
  • Give you the ability to check on your closed and outstanding work requests.
  • Automatically schedule the routine maintenance of our mechanicals to increase efficiency and prolong life.
  • Improve our ability to schedule and manage technicians, especially when time off interrupts service.
  • Provide a tool for managing projects.
  • Make it easier to move issues among our divisions:  Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, Engineering, Projects.
  • Help us manage safety and compliance responsibilities.
  • Assist us with maintaining supply and parts inventory for University and technician use.


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