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Financial Aid
All applicants for the M.S. degree are considered for financial assistance. The most common forms are described below.

Teaching Assistantships (TA) provide a ($24,029 for AY 2014-2015) stipend plus full tuition. Duties involve an average of 12 hours of work per week and may include assisting in the laboratory or recitation sections and grading reports or homework.

Research Assistantships (RA) provide a stipend plus full tuition. Research Assistantships require no teaching duties, and provide a standard stipend ($24,029 for AY 2014-2015) plus full tuition.

Students who receive full one-year TA or RA appointments are also entitled to two weeks vacation and University-observed holidays.

Partial Tuition Assistantships
Because of the limited number of TAs and RAs available, partial tuition assistantships are also granted on a merit basis. These assistantships offer a 20-40% tuition waiver equivalent. In some departments, a few hours per week of work is required by the student in exchange for this waiver. There is no stipend associated with this form of assistantship. M.E. students are only eligible for this form of assistantship.