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The ISE Graduate Handbook is intended to assist faculty members and graduate students with operating procedures, policies, and degree requirements for the ISE graduate degrees. 

The M.S. degree requirements defined by the University include:

  • 30 Credit hours (up to 10 credit hours transferred (B or better); this could include distance learning courses taken from other Universities; complete Graduate Transfer Form of arrange for credit transfer)
    • at least 18 credits of graduate coursework (≥ 500 level)
    • at least 2 credits of seminar
    • at least 6 credits of thesis
  • ≥ 3.0 cumulative GPA in coursework contributing to degree requirements
  • At least two semesters in residence
  • All accepted international students, for whom English is a second language, are required to take an English-as-a-Second -Language placement exam (LA005) upon their arrival on campus. Recommended ESL courses must be completed.
  • The EPG degree is designed to be completed in 1 year but all work must be completed within 5 years

Environmental Politics & Governance students must take:

POL/SOC 570 Environmental Policy
EV 532 Risk Analysis
EC 660 Environmental Economics 

Students must take one elective from each category:
Other courses may be available on an ac hoc basis in addition to those listed.

Environment and Society
ANTH 570 Environment, Technology and Society
ANTH/SOC 585 Food and Society
POL 573 Environmental Justice (ON-LINE)
SOC 593 Health, Wealth, Inequality and the Environment 

Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 570 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 580 Environmental Philosophy
POL 592 Environmental Political Theory 

Environmental Policy
SOC 572 Biofuel and Farm Policy
POL 572 Environmental Law
CE 586 Introduction to Industrial Ecology
POL 571 Energy Policy