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Bruce Springsteen,J cole,Mick Jagger! Whats the link?College.  Untapped talent lies on campuses.  What’s the 2nd link?  They had to drop out to pursue a music career.  Undergrad-Sound answers the young musician’s problem of deciding between their dream and school.  College doesn’t hinder their dreams but guides/shape s them.  Undergrad-Sound partners with music companies guiding/molding musicians in hopes within 4 years a star rises.   Artists tour campuses worldwide, throughout the year.  At the end of the year they perform at undergrad palooza – the huge company concert.  Stationed in 6 main areas where talent is most likely found ranging from rap, r&b,country,pop.  New artists undergo development,touring,exposure.  Why not save time,money,resources ?On campus, the artists take 2-3 courses learning to promote themselves,represent,sell themselves, -essentials needed being an artist.The next dave Matthews,Kanye,GreenDay are in college .We may lose them to a sociology degree, Undergrad-Sound locates, shapes and sends them to you (record company).


Cedric Williams 

Global, Communications Multifield