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The Kayak Shack

The Kayak Shack


During the summer months, waterfront properties see a surge in tourist activity. Oftentimes people want to experience the water but do not have the capabilities to do so while traveling. There is a lot of unused potential in many of Northern New York’s shoreline communities.  The Kayak Shack is here to fill this niche; in the lakefront town of Sackets Harbor. Renting out “Kayaks and canoes, it’s all we do”.  Our business would rent out kayaks and canoes to tourists who seek enjoyment from the harbor.  We know there is a lot of untapped economic potential in Sackets Harbor. The Kayak Shack has the personnel and will to tap into the watersports market, and create a thriving business.


Davi'eel Stewart

Chemical Engineering       

Connor Raymond

Environmental Engineering