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802 Works

802 Works


802 Works will provide customers with innovative 3D services. The Company is a 3D printing Service Bureau and also provides custom 3D design work. 3D Printing is an additive process. The process works like a regular inkjet printer in that, a printer head moves over a printing area putting down a layer of ink. However, a 3D printer prints in a  plastic material. At 802 Works, we will use this process to serve customers in providing rapid prototypes, small batch manufacturing, visual or function models, fit check parts, injection mold originals or models, architectural models, and many more.    I am also the owner of a sub-business of 802 Works, GPS-S. We are currently finishing a prototype on the patented idea. The process uses RFID stickers to create a system that not only acts as a home security and Virtual Vault, but can monitor, guard, locate the position of items.


Brett Jipner        

Engineering and Management