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My Small Business 101 course is a four-week business strategy series designed to help entrepreneurs and microbusiness operators succeed.

My Small Business 101 Overview
Program Format

Program Outcomes
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My Small Business 101 Overview
Developed and taught by Marc Compeau, a successful entrepreneur and Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Clarkson University School of Business, My Small Business 101 provides an innovative, cost–free way for small business owners to learn critical elements of business operation, including:

  1. managing productivity.
  2. thinking strategically.
  3. making effective decisions.
  4. executing sound financial management.

Program Format
My Small Business 101 is offered over four weeks. Each weekly two-hour session offers a crash course in one specific critical business element:

  1. Week 1: Thinking Strategically
  2. Week 2: Managing Your Resources
  3. Week 3: Marketing Your Business
  4. Week 4: Managing Your Finances

At the end of each session, participants will apply the weekly concept to their business using the tools we provide.

Program Outcomes
Small business owners who participate in My Small Business 101 will gain knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately to their businesses,. They’ll also learn how to define longer-term goals and focus on growth in key areas. Participants not only receive lots of practical and useful information, tools and resources, but encouragement and inspiration. They also benefit from networking opportunities with other small business owners.

Immediate Outcomes

  1. Increased confidence.
  2. Increased awareness of critical business elements that need to be developed.

Long-Term Outcomes
(measurable over a period of time)

  1. Growth in one or more areas such as revenue, profit, employment, quality, customer base, employee satisfaction or customer satisfaction.
  2. Skill development in one or more of the identified critical areas (Media Planning, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Planning, People Management and Implementation of Technology).
  3. Continued development of the ability to set and meet aggressive, measurable goals.
  4. A successful business with a positive return on investment.

How to Register
To register for My Small Business 101, please email us at or call 315-268-3995.

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