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Interdisciplinary Engineering Science

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Graduate Study in Interdisciplinary Engineering Science

Clarkson University offers M.S. and Ph.D programs in Engineering Science for qualified students who desire interdisciplinary graduate study in engineering that does not fit within any of the four engineering departments shown below.

The applicant should have a solid foundation in science and mathematics as evidenced by academic grades and scores on the Graduate Record Examination. International applicants must also submit a TOEFL score. Application materials may be obtained via the link at the top of this page.

Research Advisor
Any Clarkson engineering professor may serve as the research advisor to an IES student. With the approval of the Dean of Engineering, other Clarkson professors from science or mathematics may also serve as the research advisor.  It is strongly recommended that you have identified a potential advisor before the application is submitted and include reference to that advisor in your statement of purpose.

M.S. Requirements
The requirements for an M.S. degree include at least 6 graduate-level courses (18 credits), at least 4 of which should be in engineering, 2 credits of engineering seminar (ES 610), and at least 6 credits of Thesis (ES 615 with the advisor's section number). A thesis based on the student's research is required and must be successfully defended before a committee consisting of at least 3 Clarkson professors, including the student's advisor and at least 2 engineering professors (one of whom may be the advisor).

Ph.D. Requirements
At least 24 credit hours of coursework are required for the PhD.  At least 12 credit hours of these should be undertaken in engineering.  Six seminar credits should be in ES 610 and the balance of the 90 credit total are dissertation credits (ES 615 under the adviser's section number). The candidacy procedure requires that the student write and defend a proposal outlining the PhD research.  It should be completed within 24 months of matriculation.  The PhD Committee should consist of a minimum of 5 examiners including the student's advisor and at least 3 engineering professors (one of whom may be the advisor). This can include one external examiner.

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