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National Engineers Week

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National Engineers Week 2013

What is Engineers Week?
The National Society of Professional Engineers established Engineers Week in 1951 to call attention to the contributions engineers have made to society.
It is observed by more than 70 engineering, education and cultural societies, and more than 50 corporations and government agencies.

Clarkson invites you to see what the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering is all about! Below is a comprehensive list of all the National Engineers Week events at Clarkson.

Engineers Week February 18 – 24

Monday February 18: 
11am - 1pm
Have lunch with a CE student in the Student Center Servery.
Civil and Environmental Engineering invites you to build a Spaghetti Bridge in the CAMP High Bay area and tour the SPEED team's "Open House."
5 pm:6:30 pm: CEE Student Panel 
7:30 pm: CEE Alum Nat Oppenheimer from Robert Silman Associates in NYC will speak in CAMP 176 
8:30 pm: Recap of SPEED “Open House” in CAMP High Bay area / CAMP 190.

Tuesday, February 19:
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 
6 pm Panel Session in the Student Center Forum for those thinking of pursuing that major.

Wednesday, February 20
1-5 pm: Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering invites you to design, build, and fly paper airplanes in the CAMP Atrium.
5 pm: go to CAMP 187 for a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Panel Session, tour the labs and check out students' design projects.  
7 pm: in the Student Center Multipurpose Rooms, activist Julia Walsh will give a talk on hydrofracking titled "What The Frack!"

Thursday, February 21:
Electrical and Computer Engineering
will host Lab Demonstrations and a Panel Session at 6:00 pm in CAMP 195.

Friday, February 22:
Center for Rehabilitation Science and Technology (CREST)

11am - 3pm: posters will be on display in the NABLAB area
1 - 2 pm: Nablab lab tours 
4 pm:  Adrian Anantawan will give a violin concert in the CAMP Atrium.

Saturday, February 23 the 5 Engineering Societies

10 am - 4pm:
 National Engineers Week Design Competition in the CAMP Atrium. Registration forms are available in CAMP 101 or 102 or email  Cash prizes are $225 for first place; $150 for second place; $75 for third place.

Sunday, February 24 at 10 am
Chemical Engineering will sponsor a snow structure design and testing competition on the Cheel/CAMP lawn. Money will be given away at this event.  Hot Chocolate will immediately follow the completion of the snow structures.