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Industry Outlook and Careers (E&M)

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Graduates from this program are prepared to work effectively at the interface of management and engineering and to assume increasingly responsible positions throughout their career.

That’s why E&M graduates have such a high placement rate upon graduation and why one in five E&M alumni hold prominent positions, such as president, CEO or partner in a business.

Both large and small companies seek out E&M graduates for their unique ability to solve business problems from an advanced technical perspective. Clarkson E&M graduates are ready to make an immediate impact in the following fields and roles:

Project Management

  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Engineer

Manufacturing & Production

  • Industrial and Project Engineer
  • Production Supervision
  • Project Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Procurement

Supply Chain Management

  • Design
  • Custom Service
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Systems Integration

Sales & Marketing

  • Technical Sales
  • Technical Marketing
  • Consulting
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Today’s successful companies create working environments that are collaborative, project-based, and dynamic. They require employees who understand technology and are “system thinkers.”

E&M majors bring that broad perspective to every job.

E&M graduates have a high job placement rate even in a down economy.

First-Year Job Placements for recent E&M grads include:

  • Strategic Sourcing Analyst, Johnson & Johnson
  • Project Engineer, Whiting-Turner Construction
  • Operations Management Leadership Program, GE Energy
  • Technical Sales Engineer, Johnson Controls
  • Systems Integration Analyst, Accenture
  • Engineer in Training, Toyota Motors
  • Sales Representative, Saint-Gobain Abrasives


“I truly enjoy the course diversity and real-world challenges that the E&M program has to offer. I know that every day I am preparing for the future through the development of a cross-functional skill set that industry demands.”

— Ryan Davis ’11