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Software Engineering and Enterprise Technologies Laboratory

Enterprise environments form a critical component of the infrastructure that enables our way of life. Applications are more pervasive. They are no longer constrained just by the boundaries of an operating system infrastructure. Enterprise software control needs to come from integrated systems that do more than simply interface between applications. Scalability, portability, security, and interoperability are requirements that must be addressed when developing systems for this environment. The enterprise system must allow ubiquitous information access, dynamic adaptation to and incorporation of new resources, linkage of objects and dissemination of those objects over networked systems. The figure below shows a typical multi-tiered architecture associated with enterprise environments.

The Enterprise Technologies Lab provides a high-end, enterprise computing infrastructure (J2EE) used for research and distributed transactional application development as well as software engineering research and education. This infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and platform independent. It is a server-side, component based technology designed to leverage speed, security, and reliability of enterprise applications and systems. The Enterprise Lab supports coordinated research efforts in a wide variety of areas, including bioengineering and rehabilitation engineering, intelligent systems, and homeland security.

Software Structure