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Clarkson Fund


E2E is our multi-year campaign for greatness. The Clarkson Fund is what makes this happen right here...right now.

This year, more than 3,000 enterprising, high-ability Clarkson students are creating their own futures—and ours—through their studies in more than 50 rigorous academic programs. Many of the brightest, most promising students often can’t afford to pay full tuition. In fact, they come from families with limited economic resources.  Opening doors and opening minds means providing financial aid...and The Clarkson Fund allows Clarkson University the ability to offer generous award packages to deserving students.

Tuition alone doesn’t cover the costs of providing a Clarkson education. Your contribution to The Clarkson Fund helps us bridge the gap...each year. Your commitment powers the highest-priority, most pressing needs and opportunities, every one of which benefits students, both today and tomorrow.

You know what an exceptional education Clarkson delivers. You understand the real-world benefits and real-world focus we provide.

E2E is our practical formula for forward progress at Clarkson, click here to see how you can help today: